17 August 2010

What I made with my tickets...

...I thought you might like to see!

See what I mean about them being embellished? These were bought like this and they're the type we crafters like to try to make ourselves. Cue Papertrey's stamp set and you're sorted. I linked to that yesterday.

I actually have a ticket punch (I've had it for years), but I've not used it much because it's just a ticket. No stamps to match, nothing. Should pull that thing out and give it another whirl.

Here's the card I made.

See the ticket tucked in there?

I got the idea of the strip background out there in cyberspace somewhere. The idea is to get a piece of card and put some strips on it, then run it through your Cuttlebug using your die of choice.

I found it harder than I thought. I like precise placement and getting the die lined up on the striped paper was a bit of a challenge. It turned out fine, though I'm sure there's an easier way to do it.

After I had my base piece I just started playing around with bits and pieces.

I used the ticket, of course.

I used bakers twine because it rocks (it's from Martha Stewart. You can also buy it on Etsy - be careful, there's a lot of bakers twine on there and it's hard to resist!)

I used my great grandmother's tracing tool around the edges because it's easy and it always looks good.

I used Stickles on that because that's the way I roll. I do the same things over again - they work, so why not?

I added buttons because I liked 'em and I wanted the texture.

And I used two other finds from Etsy.

1. These little cards from Pretty Little Studio.

She has all sorts in all different sizes. I just got small ones for cards. 

2. These pins.

They're from some lovely lady, I can't remember her name! You could do a search for stick pins or crystal pins to find some.

And here's what I did with a ticket from the Tim Holtz ticket strip. It's embossed with the 5 x 7 Cuttlebug Polka Dots folder. Added just the texture I wanted.

And coupled with bakers twine, well, scrape me off the floor, I've melted.

(The pic above is of a card from the Vintage Inspired class that I'm teaching on August 21, so only a sneaky peeky allowed!)

Here are some little tickety, cardy things I bought on Etsy too. They're small - I love the polka dots. I used my postage stamp decorative scissors to turn them into stamps, which makes a nice accent, I think. They'd look good as faux stamps on envelopes too.

Hope you enjoyed my ticket creations today!

Thanks for dropping by, talk soon,



  1. Hey Deb - the strips thingo is a patchwork technique! Nice - didn't even think to do that with paper - love it! x

  2. Yeah, not my idea like I said, but it's a goodie. Worked well. Good for using up scraps too!


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