12 August 2010

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 26

Well, hello, punch art!

It's good to have you back!

And you, you dear blog reader, it's good to have you here too.

Thought we'd do a Look in the Book today and see what's on the down low.

Page 26 is the second page of the Simple Samples section (say that three times fast!) and below are some bits and bobs that look something like the bits and bobs on the page.

I say bits and bobs because that's what they are - Simple bits, or Simple Samples, thus the name.

From page 26: Smiley faces as a border into...

...smiley faces on a card.

I used a gold pen and then a black one for the eyes.

Let's face it, it's kiddy, but it's colourful.

And gosh, not everything we do has to be fantastic all the time!

Sometimes we're allowed to be simple.

Sometimes we're allowed to be kiddy.

Sometimes we're allowed to be over the pressure of being fabbo all the time.

Sometimes we wonder why we put such stuff on our blog when really, it's quite simple...and well, kiddy. But we choose to do it because we choose to. Not everything is timeless, but everything has merit.

And if it's kiddy - the kids will love it.

Ah ha, now this one is deceptively simple.

Simple is simple, but it also has to be pretty perfect. There's nowhere to hide on a simple card. You've gotta get it right, or go home!

A T-ruler is a good idea for simple cards (any cards!). You can line it up with the left edge of the card and use the horizontal bit to line up the cars. I usually eyeball it, but in my old age I'm reaching for the T-ruler a bit more. It's allowed.

I love these bears!

There are no bears on page 26, but they've snuck over from page 24 to join with the square border for this card. Two borders = fun card.

The triangle one up the top of page 26 has potential to be a card border too, I think. Or a scrapbook one, as the book shows.

And yep, that's Andrew lounging around in the photos on the scrapbook page. He was looking through the final proofs of the book and noticed he wasn't in there anywhere. I went looking for some photos (or was it a page?) to get him in there. The pics aren't what I'd normally deem publish worthy, but they were what we had at the time. It's the way it goes sometimes.

The general feeling I have about Book 1 is basically I just threw it altogether (nicely, of course!) and it came out like this. I just did what I did without thinking toooo much about whether it was right, wrong or whatever. I like Book 1, it's the easiest of the three books - the stuff is the easiest for people to make and the book was the easiest for me to make!

And I like the blue cover, I always have.

Okay, that's it for today.

See you soon!

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