26 July 2010


Remember this photo?

And how I asked my sister how many cats she's had?

Here's her answer:

"30! Flip! 30 cats I have had including the legendary king of them all, Chippy. This number includes all kittens though and there were lots of giveaways in that. 12 bed sleepers (my definition for a true pet is if they actually have slept on my bed!) And you know what, I would really like another one to add to Minka and Lucy at the moment!!! hehe"

Chippy was our family cat - he died at 17 or 18. Minka is Sue's cat above and Lucy is Sarah's cat. Sarah's Sue's daughter, which makes her my niece.

They love their cats...golly, thirty!

Hey, Sarah, got a good photo of Lucy? Send it to me and I'll put it on the blogo, so the ladies can see your kitty. And so Minka doesn't get all the glory...can't have that, you know.

This is my sister.

She's in yellow.

This is me.

I'm in blue.

We looked like this a lot. Dressed to the hilt and matching...okay, not quite matching, but matching enough.

Dresses courtesy of mother...we laugh about them now, but they were very fashionable then. Actually, was anything fashionable in the 70s? ha ha. There's a lot of love in those clothes...
What I want to know is, what is in that handbag, Suzanne?


  1. Chuckle, chuckle. 30 cats, oh no. That's over the top.

  2. Handbag contents? Probably a tissue stuffed in a little purse with 20c for sunday school!

  3. Hope you had 20c in there for me too! Or maybe it was 10c each. Cute photo. Love the old ones.


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