27 July 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 25

It's been a while!

A couple of images to show you today.

Firstly, got page 25 open?

Secondly, this is Luke, my nephew, who is now 15.


He was the size of my sister's bouquet at my wedding. She was my Matron of Honour (isn't that a ghastly word? Matron...). He was five weeks old (her first child) and she was my M of H. I know! Totally amazing...

Anyway, Lukey, what a cutie patootie you were...

It's half a regular-sized card, that one. You know, can't think of a card to make? Grab a photo and use that as your feature. Add a little embellishment of some sort and job done. Nice.

Here's another idea that'd translate onto a scrap page nicely.

Back in the day when I wrote the book, I didn't have a button punch.

Back in the day when I wrote the book, I didn't have a punch that punched two evenly spaced holes either.

Back in the day when I wrote the book, I punched those holes myself and tried to get them evenly spaced. I'm not telling you how many I chucked in the bin! Evenly spaced is easy when you draw your dots onto the card. The hard part is seeing the dots in the tiny, tiny circle punch you're using to try to punch those tiny, tiny circles!

Anyway, no matter, there are button punches available now (Marvy and Martha). At the very least there are ones that punch two holes together rather than just the one (The Punch Bunch). I've seen the PB one at PC - ha ha, it's like code. I mean, I've seen the Punch Bunch one that punches two holes over at Photo Continental. The idea is to punch it on your card first, choose your circle punch (the size you want for your button) and punch around the two holes to get 'em in the middle.

Or just buy a button punch from overseas and pay a mortgage payment in shipping.

Or stop being cynical and start hoping that a Marvy button punch turns up over here somewhere.

Or stop talking to yourself and just move onto the next card.

Yes, do that, Debra.

Next card.

Now, don't get mad, but this is made using a Carl bear and he's not available in Australia much anymore.

Golly, what's the go with all this stuff not being available??


It just gets on my goat sometimes that I try to show you stuff and poof, not available, never was available, was available but it's gone now, was available but it's sold out, was available but it's not anymore...

What is available (yay!) is the complete line of Sullivans punches that have, luckily for us, a bear.

This bear actually.

I gotta tell ya though, I'm still getting used to this fella after looking at the Carl bear for yonks. I started punch art with this shaped bear, moved to Carl and used that for years and now I've moved back. It's all good!

Now, Mr Sullivan, if I haven't said it before (or if I have and you didn't hear me), I hereby publicly thank you for bringing this new line of punches in.

Thank you!


(More applause)

(Even more applause)


Just on that, sir, while the applause is still ringing in your ears, would it be possible to bring a few more punches in? Like, 30?

Whenever you're ready just call me, I've got a list!

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