12 July 2010

Things I'd do with this punch...

One. Well, firstly I'd buy it because I couldn't do anything with it if it wasn't in my possession. I'd hand over my money quite happily knowing I'd made a good purchase and I'd stroll confidently out of the shop ready to conquer the world! Not really, but it sounds good. Retail therapy, people, retail therapy.

Two. I'd take it home and take it out of the bag. We'd pretty much all do that.

Three. I'd take it out of the packaging and give it a test punch. Gotta do that to see what the shapes really looks like, you know?

Four. I'd leave it on my desk for a bit because as if I'd have the time to do anything with it straight away. Dinner to make, people, dinner to make.

Five. I'd come back to my desk the next day at an opportune time and make something with it because of it's fabbo potential.

Six. Things I'd make:

a. A list of things to make because I like lists!

b. A second list of things to make because the mistake I made on the first list annoyed me. I don't like messy lists!

c. My lunch because I'm such a procrastinator...

d. A cup of tea because one of those after lunch always floats my boat.

e. An effort to actually make something.

f. A ghastly attempt at something that turned out to be nothing.

Seven. At this point I'd leave the non-productiveness of my desk and go Google "What to do when your creativity is gone".

Eight. I'd spend time on the computer reading about non-creativity and ebb and flow and procrastinators and then I'd go make myself another cup of tea.

Nine. I'd go find the dog and throw a ball or 55 to him.

Ten. I'd go make dinner (again) and hope tomorrow turns into a more productive day.


PS. Eleven. While trying to go to sleep that night, I'd think of ways to use the fabbo punch. My brain would flood with ideas and I'd wonder why I wasn't born an owl.


  1. Extremely familiar but oh so true. Never more creative am I than at 10:30pm in the quiet of the night. Twins really!


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