13 July 2010

Things I'd do with this punch - Part 2

One. I'd go look at it on my desk.

Two. I'd get it in my head that I'm going to actually make something.

Three. I'd get a cup of tea because I think better that way.

Four. I'd sit down at my desk.

Five. I'd look at my list of things to make.

Six. I'd pick one.

Seven. I'd make it.

Eight. I'd marvel at what a difference a day can make.

Here's how I'd use the Label (top left):

a. As a label. It's just the right size to write "For you" or similar on a card. Would look cute poking out from some flowers.

b. As a tab. I'd fold it in half lengthways and glue it along the edge of a card for an accent, or a tab.

c. As a tab with it folded in half widthways too.

d. As a tag topper. I'd fold it in half and use it to top a tag. You know how tags have a reinforced hole? This replaces that. Still has a hole in it, with an eyelet preferably. Fancy.

e. Sorry I don't have pics of these, I'm making them up as I type. Pics would be good for me too!

f. I'd punch it in my colour of choice and adhere it to a larger piece of my second colour of choice and cut around it leaving a 2mm border to make another layer.

g. I'd use it as a label on a little envelope. Not an address label, too small, but a name label.

h. As a sign. I'd cut a long, skinny rectangle for the post and glue the label to the top. Cute for sentiments a chick could hold - Happy Mother's Day etc.

Wow, a lot of uses. I'm sure there's many more.

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you what I'd do with the other three things on the punch. A lot of bang for buck going on there!


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