09 July 2010

XL dies in the Cuttlebug

Do you have a Cuttlebug?

I've had mine for two years and I love it.

I've always thought the Sizzix XL dies didn't fit through the thing and never thought to check. Megan (one of the ladies who comes to my classes at PC) mentioned to me that the dies go through, it's the plates that don't.

What? I thought. Really? I've gotta check that!

(The XL dies are the really long ones that do treat boxes, card bases and other things. Some of the designs are continuous down the die and some have various, individual shapes on them)

Here's me checking the die situation...

Here's the Cuttlebug, here's the Sizzix XL die.

Will it go through?

Um, yeah...

Why have I not checked this before?

And Megan was right - the plates don't fit. That's a Sizzix extender plate and it's definitely too wide.

I've been telling people right and wrong information this whole time!

Can I use those dies in my Cuttlebug? No, they're too wide.

Now I know they're not too wide, the plates are.

This is what should've happened: Can I use those dies in my Cuttlebug? Not with ease! The plates are too wide, but you could use your regular plates and cut the die in stages. If you want. If it doesn't annoy you.

Would you do that?

Cut it in stages?

Things have changed a bit in the last month because Provo has come out with 13" x 6" plates, so now you really can cut XL dies in your Cuttlebug!

Pretty nifty if you ask me.

A couple of things to note:

~ The Cuttlebug plates are 4 cm shorter than the extender plates from Sizzix, so some of the XL designs may not cut out fully. Something to check on before you buy.

~ I have heard that some people have shaved the edge off the Sizzix extender plate to make it fit. Whatever works!

Anyway, hopefully that helps someone out there and a big thanks to Megan for the tip in the first place (Hey, Megan! Hey, Jackie!).

Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. That's very interesting. Will look forward to personal demonstration.


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