14 July 2010

Things I'd do with this punch - Part 3

Hey there,

Where were we?

Let's do Spaceship (top middle).

How'd I'd use the Spaceship shape:

a. Well, I'd use it as a spaceship because that's what it looks like! A spaceship? A UFO? I think so.

b. I'd use it as a one-eyed monster for boy cards. Put a big eye in that one space and pretend he's Mike from Monsters Inc.

c. Sounds very Sci-Fi so far!

d. I'd cut the top bulb off and use the oval as a frog's head.

e. I'd use it as a tag because that's what it is, afterall. A little eyelet or button up the top and good-o.

f. I think the cutting-off of the bulby bit and just using the oval has a lot of potential. Footballs, heads, ears, bodies, flower petals, big feet for a bear - things like that.

And now for the Fancy Label (bottom left):

1. Well, hello fancy label. I'd pull you out and use you when making Vintagey type card. You know, fancy shmancy.

2. I'd also put you on another piece of paper and cut around you to make another layer. Even more fancy shmancy.

3. I'd punch a few of you, cut you all in half and line all your halves up in a border along the bottom of a card.

4. Now I've just said that, I'd do that with your other label friend too.

5. I'd cut you into quarters and use each of your quarters as a corner. At least I'd try because I know that'd work well on the right card.

6. And now I've just said that, I'd try it with your other label friend too. Copy cat, I am.

7. I'm going to keep you close by because I know you've got other idea potential in there. Currently, I'm toying with the idea that cutting you in half and then cutting the rounded parts off those halves (plus a little extra from the middle) would leave me with some interesting vases.

And lastly, the Bon Bon (I'm the tall one):

Deb's gone to make herself a cup of tea and she's left me to finish this post.

Here goes:

1. I'm a bon bon, through and through. I think I'd look good on a Christmas card with thread on each end, for sure.

2. I'm kinda uncomfortable talking about myself and how good I am. I'm a punch though, and I don't really have feelings, so I'll get over it.

3. I'm also a good lolly. Put me next to some presents and I'll make your card shine.

4. Let's not forget, I'm on a tag punch, so I'm a tag too. I'm pretty unusual, but you're a savvy crafter, you'll figure me out.

5. I'm a good hand and sleeve. Hand and sleeve, that sounds weird. Hand and arm, maybe? Punch me out, cut off one end (nicely!) and there I am, hand and sleeve. Punch me in two colours and do a cut and paste - cool.

6. That being said, I could also be a good arm. Punch me out in desired colour, cut off one end and trim all the way along on both sides to make an arm, rather than a sleeve. I'm hoping I'm making sense here. I'm sure you can understand my reluctance to cut myself up for demonstration purposes...

7. Hey, how about this one? I could be a good hinge/buckle thingy. You know, punch me out and wrap me around the card, or a mini book, as a closure option. What do you think?

8. I know I have other uses too, I just can't think of anymore right now. Maybe I'll go make myself a cup of tea, seems to be the done thing around here when the ideas aren't flowing...

Okay there, peeps, this is the Multi Tags punch signing off for today!

Come back soon, won't cha?


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love the idea that punches have thoughts & feelings & can also make themselves a cup of tea. I wonder if they will, with a bit of encoragement, punch out all the shapes you need when making a card or doing up class kits. Now THAT would be something!! Debra you're a bit like Beatrix Potter. All her drawings could communicate to her. Have you seen the movie??

  2. Ooo, yeah, punches that actually punched themselves! That's my kinda punch! Miss Potter - love that movie, it's gorgeous!


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