11 June 2010

A quick card - because you need those.

Hey there and howdy to you!

On Weds I talked about faux stamps.

Here is a faux stamp, just to clarify the faux stamp between us all.

When using faux stamp, I put a plain square in there too.

Sometimes it's the same colour as the stamp, like above, sometimes it's a different colour. It all depends on the stamp feature (in this case, the heart) and what colour it needs, if any.

It's an art thing. I'm sure non-crafters don't get the whole thinking process that goes into what we do!

It's just like I don't get the whole thinking process that goes into what others do. Actually, that's not right, I do get it, I just don't get it the same way because I don't do it. But I get it because I get it in my world and apply that "getting" to theirs! Get it?

Nup, me either :o)

Here's the full card.

It's simple, and like I said in the title, we need those.

We need them for times when we just want to make something.

We need them when we don't have time to make something complicated.

We need them when we're making stacks of the same thing like thank you cards.

We need 'em!

Now, here's something for ya. Do you like it with glitter (like above)?

Or without?

Or, option 3.

With the Stardust pen in lieu of Stickles glitter?

Yep, the Stardust pen is there - it's clear, so it's hard to see, but it's there. Kinda subtle. Andrew would love it. It's a nice glitter, but not too much, option.

The scallop is a big Marvy one.

Oooh, yeah. Dreamy.

I pierced each of the scallops - you can pierce the valleys too for a different look.

Simple? Yeah, right. We all know how much work can go into something simple, yes? Sometimes I finish making a card that took me an hour and go, "That took me an hour?"

Summary: Simple doesn't mean quick.

Clarification of summary: A simple card can take a long time to make up sometimes. A true simple card takes very little time to reproduce. That's the kicker. The simple comes in the reproducing, not necessarily the original thinking.

Just getting it all out there for those that want to know!

Okay, have a great weekend and enjoy the show if you're going!


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