10 June 2010

Fun Sullivans punches

Hey there everyone,

How are you today? Getting some time to craft in there somewhere, I hope. Actually that reminds me of my new scrapping solution - I've taken photos and I'll post soon.

(My photos were sitting in the cupboard and I wanted them in albums, so I've been trying to work out how to get them there. Anyway, I've changed things around and so far it's working, which is good - finally! It's been a process to figure it out, that's for sure)

Today I thought I'd share a list of punches I'm calling: "They're cool, they're different, they're fab - thanks, Mr Sullivan".

The list could also be entitled: "Fun new punches from Sullivans"

The list could also be entitled: "Get 'em"

Okay, let's go...

A little daisy - daisies are good in all shapes and I'm loving this size and that it's easy to punch.

The little ones are notorious for being hard and the lever rocks - so much easier!

The pacifier - cute. Showed this one on baby cards recently. Looks gorgeous in a faux stamp on the front of your envelope too.

Love it.

Really, it won't get tonnes of use, but when it does, it'll be fab. A lot of people don't like buying Christmas punches because they only get used once a year, but I hammer mine at that time, so they're totally worth it. I'd say my CP2: Holly from Carl - Green sized Holly from Sullivans - would be one of my most used...ever, and it's a Christmas one.

Get me?

Don't be afraid, people, don't be afraid. Geometrics have their place (and a very good place they have too), but specific, themed punches have their place too.

See above.

It rocks.

And it's cute.

And it looks cute in a faux stamp. Honestly, cute. It's worth the bucks.

How about a pom pom flower?

Included this one because it's a flower (love those all the time), but this one's a funky version for when you need a flower that's not an obvious flower.

Maybe this could be used on a boy page or card. You know who you are...you have all boys at your house, but you're a girl and you desperately want to include some flowers somewhere! Try this one, it might just cut the mustard.

I also think on that subject that it's okay to put flowers on boy pages if you want to. You're a girl and you're telling the story and you like flowers, so stick 'em on there if you want.

Fish symbol - nice.

A geometric shape that has lots of uses. A favourite would be bunny ears. Fab bunny ears, right here.

I put this one in here in green, but I need it in all sizes - just clarifying that.

Scalloped circle because you can never go wrong.

They're needed in all sizes too.

Yep, thanks.

Postage stamps in both the rectangular and square shapes for those faux stamps on the envelopes.

Oh, niiice.

Starburst - included this on the list because it's different.

Would look good layered to make fun flowers.

You could cut it up and use the sticky-out bits as antennae or antlers.

You could cut it in half and make a border along the bottom of the page or card - that'd be interesting.

Again, I also think it's a flower that's not a flower for when you need one of those.

It would be good on boy pages as the flower that you as a girl need to add, or just as the starburst type shape in the background. Stars are good for boys, this could be a nice alternative.

And if you happen to have fireworks photos, well, you're covered.

Gears - hello, boys!

Hello, boy cards.

Hello, man cards.

Hello, boy and man anything.

Hello, layered flowers with the edges curled up.

Hello, I'm a flower that's not a flower and there seems to be a flower not a flower theme going on!

This gear shape comes in three sizes - nice.

Now, onto the big ones, and they punch like a dreeeeaaammm!


Love too.

This one stays on my desk at all times.

I use it as a label at the moment - drawer labels for the drawers in my room and address labels for the envelopes I make. Sometimes if you make a patterned paper envelope (or one from dark cardstock) you need a label for the address - this one adds the touch of pretty I like too.

Besides that it makes a cute tag and a small layer on your card. Lots of uses.

This is actually a small envelope, but you can layer it to make a flower too.

Or you can cut two sides off to make rounded rectangle-like shapes. Actually, they'd make good address labels too.

And just for kicks - this one is really different and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I like the one in the top left the most - nice shape. So many uses for all these.

So, what'd you think? Any there to entice you to go shopping? Ha ha, I know, it's hard to resist sometimes.

If you want to check out all the Sullivans punches - click here.

Oh yes, if you can't resist the shopping, the Scrapbook Convention is on this weekend! Are you going? I'm at the Photo Continental stand on the weekend (not Monday), so I might see you there. PC always has great specials at the show, so they're worth checking out.

Bookfest is on this weekend too - and it's in the same building as the Scrap Convention, what a bonus. Good place to check to check for old dictionaries, music paper, altases - things like that. I worked the show last year and then spent at least at hour at Bookfest poking through the bits and pieces. Phew, big day, but it was good. Entry is free to Bookfest too.

Okay, bye now!


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