14 June 2010

Couldn't resist showing you this...

It's my all time favourite baby card.

(Sorry about the black lines on the tops)

Oh, cute.

Honestly, it looks cuter in real life and it's life-size too in real life!

Does it look a little familiar to you?

That's because you've seen this one below...

I posted it back a couple of months ago.

Cute too.

It's fun to play a bit of a spot the difference to see what you can find. Just goes to show that you can mix and match the punches according to what you have to make it work.

Please though, would you please get yourself a postage stamp...

A mini balloon...
A baby bottle...
And a pacifier?


Hey, no commission earned here or anything, just spreading the love...and the cute!

And to finish, just in case you'd like to know:

~ The gorgeous little cupcake punch is a two-parter from EK Success. You can see it here. I used a 1/8" Circle for the cherry on top.

~ All the other punches used are from Sullivans.

~ The postage stamp stamp (the actual stamp that I stamped, not punched!) is from a Melissa Frances set called Post it Stamps. That includes the Special Delivery stamp as well. It's a great set that I got from Photo Continental.

Okay, finished!


  1. Why don't you move to the Southside and live near me then I could borrow all these lovely punches, those embossed ones are great. How neat.

  2. Will have to look again for the stamp punch! It looks great.

  3. Hey, Mum, maybe you need to move over here!

  4. Yep, the stamp punch is a keeper. Photo Continental has them www.photocontinental.com.au and they do ship to your door.


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