15 June 2010

And since we've been showing a lot of different punches lately...

...what do you think about these?

They're from Marvy. They're newish - not real new, but newish. Not a lot of people sell Marvy in Australia, so they're not readily available really.

That gets on my goat sometimes because we should be able to buy the product like any other crafters around the place, you know? I totally get the whole cost margin whatever thing and all that, but still I want 'em!

That said, they exist and I thought I'd show them just out of interest and so we can see what's going on in the big old world of crafting and, more importantly, punch art.

These ones cut and emboss.

Interesting idea, what do you think?

Would look good in Core-dinations card and sanded. A button to finish and you're done.

I just like how there's a bit of texture on there and it's put there without me having to do it, except punch, of course.

Texture is all the rage - embossing folders and adding texture. We all love it. Paper's pretty flat, so you've gotta do what you can!

And what about these? They're my favourite, the silhouette ones.

I really like the Holiday Flower, the Butterfly, the Hibiscus and the (I really want you!) Buttons punch.

Buttons, you can't go wrong there.

And in three sizes too.

And two of them have the embossing edge. Nice.

Maybe one day they'll make it onto our shores - there's certainly been an explosion in recent months what with Sullivans, Martha and all the new EK ones etc. It's been good, so I can't complain.

I can dream though!


PS. And yes, I have ordered punches in from overseas. Have you?

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