07 May 2010

What's in the trunk?

Hey there blogging friends!

How are things in your neck of the woods? Getting ready for a fun weekend? Happy Sunday to all the mothers out there too. Hope you have a great day!

I thought I'd show you a few things I found in the trunk today. When I went to photograph it I had to have a quick look inside to see all my treasures. It was kinda funny, so I took a few shots.

Memories - embarrassing or not, they're memories, yes? :o)

(The word 'treasures' here is the descriptive word, not so much the valuative word :o) I don't even know if valuative's a word...)

Firstly, yes, that's wallpaper.

I realise that Emma Jane didn't have wallpaper in the trunk when she brought it out on the ship all those years ago, but Pappa decided wallpaper was the best way to go for restoring it, probably to stop ye olde splinters from piercing my delicate fingers.

I like it, it works.

No splinters either.

There's two levels in the trunk. The top one for smalls and the big section for bigs.

Was this Emma's only clothing trunk? Surely not. Probably?

Treasures discovered in my trunk so far:

~ Birthday cards

~ Journals

~ Notes

~ Funny things

~ Certificates

~ Sugar flowers from our wedding cake (in bottle)

~ Wallace and Gromit video tape. My brother gave me that years ago, can't throw it out. Have the shirt too. Still wear it. Have the shows on DVD - still can't through the VHS out. Won't.

~ White/creamy book in top section (it's hidden under some cards) - that's a memory book from our wedding. It went around for people to write stuff in. Mum covered it and made it floofy.

~ Travel memories - maps, travel journals and whatnot.

It was at this stage I started to pull things out a lot more to look at them.

It's a little embarrassing...

A scrapbook of all our wedding cards and engagement cards.

This is ye olde scrapbooking, alright. Never heard of archival stuff then. Glad I hadn't actually. There's no pressure associated with sticking things in a book when you just buy a book and stick things in.

See that red swirl thing on the green background? It's a decoration. Nice touch.

Ah, this is slightly embarrassing, but we were all into junk when we were young, were we not?

Look, a toilet rubber!

Yes, I collected rubbers and I had a pink toilet one. I've no idea where I got it from. I think I was just fascinated that a toilet rubber existed. Of course I never used it. The biscuit and the spanner were my other favourites because they were both life-like.

More treasures.

The green one is my Autograph book. LOL. Did you have one of those? Oh my goodness, so funny. I've just looked through it and I think it's my second one because I'm sure I had another when I was younger. Really, all of this reminds me of just all the silly stuff I was into as a kid.

Remember the competition to come up with the best autograph book rhyme, or the coolest verse?

The one I liked trumped the "hook or by crook one". Someone wrote - "By hook or by crook, I'll be the first to write in this book". And then some unknown person wrote, "Beat you brother, I'm on the cover".

Here's a couple of others:

~ Remember little M, Remember little E, Put them both together and remember little ME.

~ Hey, diddle diddle, I'm right in the middle!

~ And this from my sister:

"To my darling sister named Dibbles,

Roses are red
Voilets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you

Roses are dead
Violets are withered
Sugar bowl's empty
And so's your head.

Love from your groovy sister, Suzi"

Well, thanks for that poetic gem, Suzanne. Lol.

Autograph books - kinda embarrassing, but funny anyway.

And they're a form of scrapbooking too, if you think about it. Memory-keeping-in-a-it's-embarrassing-but-it's-life-kinda-way.

Oh yes, and see the book with Verses on it? That's where I kept my collection of funny and witty comments for autograph book writing...again, embarrassing, but hey, watcha gonna do?

I've more treasures from the trunk that I'll share soon (I can just see you hanging out for that! ha ha). Probably more embarrassing stuff. I kinda see this blog as a form of memory keeping, so memory keeping it is.

Thanks for sticking it out with me. I appreciate your visits each day and love reading your comments too.

Bye for now!

Debra :o)


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  3. Love that trunk! Brings back memories of my autograph books - I'll have to try to find them!

  4. Hey Rebecca, Yep, autograph books, so funny. Hope you find them!

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