10 May 2010

What's in the trunk? (part 2)

A few more "treasures" to show you today.

Got any of your own stashed away that you could pull out and have a look at?

It's pretty fun, I gotta tell ya.

Here's my rock collection.

Only shiny rocks interested me. Don't know where I got them, but I've always loved them.

And that's a cowrie shell on the left. They were the coveted shell to find on the beach growing up. It was a good day if you found one. A very good day.

Oooh, I'm not a sewer, but I tried! lol.

The pig is a knitted pot holder. Wow.

I used a lot of felt as a kid - loved making stuff with it. Cute bear.

Kinda looks like this one.


Mum tried to teach me to sew, it just didn't work.

Oh, well. She tried. I tried.

I tried her!

Oh, lots of drawings.

This is another scrapbook of mine. It's not a photo scrapbook scrapbook. It's a scrapbook of scraps - the old scrapbook way!

I used to copy cartoons, draw my own etc. Once thing I loved about drawing was that I could do it anywhere - at my desk, in front of the telly, at Grandma's when I was on holidays. I took my paper, pens and book and I was set. Of course the grandparents were good with the compliments too, which I always loved.

The "Debbie" (my name growing up) with the bears was the sign I made for my bedroom door, just in case anyone forgot who dwelt there.

My one and only attempt at long stitch.

I obviously didn't like it enough to try it again.

And I've never, ever crossed a stitch in my life either. That's my sister's job. She's done some amazing ones over the years.

I used to draw a lot of ice creams, sundaes and hamburgers too, actually. I think it was because I could actually draw them.

People? No.

Animals? No.

Food? Yes, let's do it.

I don't draw a lot of icecreams anymore...

...I make these instead.

Just as I used to enjoy drawing food, I now like making paper food. Ice creams and cupcakes are just fun-ness on a card.

Okay, just wanted to say thanks for coming down memory lane with me and sharing a few of my treasures.

Who knew I'd still own that pink toilet rubber after all these years?

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