06 May 2010

Right now...craft wise, and not

Suddenly had an urge to do a right now post....scrapbookers do this. They list all the things they are doing right now and make a page about it. Thought I'd do it here on the blog.

Right now...in real life:

~ Cody is outside playing with his ball. He's funny.

~ I can hear the washing machine going. Last load for today. Maybe. Will I do the dog stuff? No room on the line. Tomorrow then.

~ I haven't had breakfast. This happens to me all the time because I think, I'll just put this load on first. I'll just clean this first. Oh, well. I'll move straight onto lunch soon.

~ The chooks next door are clucking away. Can't hear ours from here.

~ The sky is so blue I have to go and stand under it for a while.

~ It's a bit chilly. I'm in shorts and a t-shirt, but anything else would be too hot.

~ A plane's going over.

~ Cody's still playing...and chewing.

Right now...craft-wise:

~ I've got a project on my desk that's 99% finished. I think I'm adding a bit of glitter and I'm done. It's a piece using the new Tim Holtz die called Ornamental. Kinda looks like the Stampin Up Top Note. I think I'm going to make a lot of bits and pieces and put them on a canvas. That's the plan, but you know how these things don't always work out. Hope this one does!

~ I got some photos done yesterday and I'm ready to put them in an album.

~ I've got bits and pieces to put away - punches etc.

~ I saw some of the new Tim Holtz embossing folders yesterday. Very manly ones. The industry needs stuff like this. We all like to make man cards and they're the hardest sometimes. I just make fun cards for everyone - sorted!

~ The few things I bought from etsy have arrived (actually, one's still coming). Ever been on etsy? www.etsy.com Everything is handmade (or is used to make handmade stuff) and the postage can be quite cheap, even from the US. Type what you're looking for in the search engine and all the shops that have it will come up. Things I bought - bakers twine, music paper, tags. Fun.

~ I'm about to make a Mothers Day card - actually two. Have kind of a plan, will see how they work out.

~ I'm also about to read the Blue Bazaar newsletter.

~ Isn't that the most simple card you've ever seen in your life? Scraps, punch circles and stick on. And I don't even think the circles are mounted. Oooh, keeping it real simple...is that allowed? Of course!

Washing's done.

Have a great day!

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