25 May 2010

This is an Inspiration Station to me.

Hey there,

I've been talking about inspiration and their stations lately, and this is one for me.

It's the shelf above my computer, so I see it all the time. Since it's near the computer it could be functional and hold papers and stuff, but I don't like looking at all that. So boring and very uninspiring. I have a big hunka filing cabinet next to me that I shove stuff in to keep it out of sight, way out of sight. Superannuation and tax office are not my favourite words and they do nothing for me in the creative stakes. They take the stakes away!

Pretty is more important, so the shelf is a place to put fun stuff. It also houses a photo frame, a little red suitcase and a bird album I made.

It's an inspiration station for sure.

I wonder what inspires you? What's your style like?






A bit of everything?

On the other hand, what doesn't inspire you? Get rid of it, move it or hide it if you have to keep it...just get it outta sight. It'll make a difference to your crafting process. It will!

PS. That's not the jug I was talking about making a card from, but it's similar to it.

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