26 May 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 23

Hello to you blogging friends,

Today I'm on page 23 for Look in the Book. It's all about teddy bears. I don't make them as much as I used to, but they're still cute.

I know, cute, cute, cute, everything's cute. Cute does it for me, so cute it is. I think I like the cute because it gives the punch art some personality. No point just sticking some bits on a card, where's the personality in that? So, cute it is and cute it shall be.

In the paragraph at the top of page 23 I talk about Mr and Mrs Gustafus - the bears my mum made for me. You've seen them before, but here they are again.

My favourite and so CUTE.

The original Gus she made for herself had a turned-down mouth, but I asked her to make a smiling one for me. I couldn't have a non-smiling bear looking at me.

No way.

Ah, teddy and balloons.

This is the first punch art card I ever put in a class. I've taught so many people to make this one. It's always a crowd pleaser because he's cute.

Mum and I sold cards at a huge market thing a couple of times. It was a yearly event and we prepared for it for weeks. We made a lot of the teddy balloon cards - they always sold well. I used to put some cards in a gift shop too - yep, more teddy balloon cards. I guess he could go to anyone - boy, girl, man, lady. Not a bad that a card can do that.

So, teddy balloons and I know each other very well. And after making hundreds (and hundreds) I still have to fanangle the balloons in place. You'd think they'd just fall there.

A simpler version.

Cream with red, blue, green and yellow. Always a good colour combination. I love all the colours together. If I did a pink and white card, I'd be having an off day!

These bears look like they're in the firing line!

Or they look like they're about to burst into song...

Or start dancing...

Or about to spring a joke of some sort...

Don't they look like they know something we don't?

I lined them up on the bottom of page 23 just like this. There's a rogue one at the end I can see in the book now. There's always a rogue somewhere.

The kicker with the bears is the fabric paint. Gold for the arms, feet and stomach, and bronze for the ears.

Here's what the bottle of fabric paint looks like - you may have some in your cupboard already.

I've shared this photo before. It shows the tools I use - tapes, the glue I like, the scissors I'd replace tomorrow if I lost them, the punch art helpers (love those - one is from Quickutz and the other is a Jewel Picker from Marvy) etc.

Page 24 is all about teddies too. Do you think I like them, or what?

What about you? What are your favourite things to make? After talking about inspiration stations, I guess I'm asking what inspires you? It's helpful to know these things, don't you think?

Remember, like I said yesterday, it's also good to know what doesn't inspire you so you can avoid those things.

Okay, bye for now. Have a great day!


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