24 May 2010

Inspiration station - Striped plate (card 2)

Oooh, inspired....

How are you today?


Hope so!

It's not fun when you lose your crafting mojo, is it? I'm not sure if I lose it as much as I don't have time to outwork it. There's always more important things to do, I know.

But man, I crave a few hours at my desk every now and then. Okay, more than every now and then...

Just reminding you of this plate because I used it to make a second card.

I was on a roll and kept rolling right along...

Wanted a border this time.

Did faux stitching around the small cream bit. And then added glitter on it.

Put a red button with a pink flower. Unusual, but nice.

(I love blue and green together too. Remember blue and green should never be seen? Rubbish)

The flower is the big 3" daisy from EK Success (their biggest one). I love this flower and use it a lot. The petals and leaves have been curled slightly too.

Well, inspiration all over the place!

Hope you've caught some!

This idea would be a fun challenge with friends, don't you think? It'd have to be something that everyone liked, but it'd work, and you'd get lots of ideas.

Anyway, enjoy, and have a great day,


PS. Oh yes, forgot to say something about the three plates in the photo at the top. Your inspirational bits and pieces can be used together - I'd make a card using all three plates. I kinda think a card is sitting right there, ready to happen, don't you?

Blue card with a fancy edge, striped patterned paper layer, cream layer with flowers on it. That's the plan I'd go with, at least in the beginning!

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