05 May 2010

Whip cracking

Hey there,

Thought you might like to see this.

Pete's in the front (brother) going for it.

Dad's in the back trying to keep up. He can thwack it too, but Pete's got him beat for stamina with this song.

Neil (bagpiper) is as Australian as the rest of us. Bagpipes and whip cracking - so funny, what a combo. They had a great time out there playing a few songs and cracking along.

Pete's also a musician and I love how he timed the last note with a big thwack. So cool.

And yes, sorry, that's me cackling...I just love fun stuff like this and don't hold back!


PS. Hey Pete, I know, how embarrassing, but they're really nice ladies on my blog. They'll love you, for sure, don't worry.

PPS. The move Pete's doing is called the 'snake killer'. He also has a 'bird killer' move, and plays tennis and golf with his whip too. So cool.

PPPS. (He doesn't kill things, of course, just leaves)

PPPPS. To see the video larger (on You Tube), click here.

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