08 April 2010

A quick card share...

Hello there to you today!

Thought I'd share this card today because of the colour combo. It's still my favourite - cream with all colours. Same for my house too!

What's your favourite colour combo? Does it match your house decor?

Do you know Stephanie Howell? She's a US girlie with a soldier husband and two little chicks as she calls them. I love her scrapbooking style - she's just very natural, inspiring, real and cool. You can check out her blog here.

She showed some photos from around her house recently (under April 6) and when I saw them I thought, "Her house looks like her scrap pages!"

All I'm saying is we are who we are and it's depicted in what we create. Makes sense, right? Obvious, right?

Stephanie's pages are a mix of bits and pieces and fun and her. Her house is the same. I love seeing people live out their style.

I say that because I had no idea of my own personal style when we built this house. I got some big parts right - like the bricks and roof and the colour of the walls (phew, lucky), but I got some major parts wrong like brown curtains in my room here (brown!!) and a hunter green kitchen bench that I have to look at each day (one day I'm going to change that sucker).

My point? Stephanie knows who she is and what she likes.

My other point? I didn't back then, but I know now. Big phew.

So, that card above? It's me. It's not every part of me, but it's a part of me. I like the cream background, the little punch art bits and all the colours on it.

What about this? Stacy Julian suggested this once and I think it's a good idea. Go through your layouts (for her) and cards (for me and you) and pick your ten favourites. Put them in front of you and have a look. What do you like about them? What draws you to them?

Think about them for a bit, write them down if you want, but definitely identify them in some way. Those things you pick out are who you are. They are your style.

There's been a bit of talk over the last few years (not so much recently) about your style as a crafter and all that. Knowing for the sake of knowing, maybe? I want to know for a different reason and that's to save money. If you know who you are and what you like, you'll save money!

Hands up if you've bought crafting product you've never used?

Hands up if you've bought something just because you wanted to, not because you knew you'd use it?

Hands up if you've had buyer's remorse not just with craft products, but with anything?

Why is that? Why do we buy stuff like that sometimes? I'd love to go back and relive some of those moments and not buy some things so I could save that money. I'd also do the opposite and buy a couple more of a few favourite things along the way too!

My reiterated point? Know your style - what you like and what you don't - and you'll save yourself money. Pretty good reason to know a bit about yourself, don't you reckon?

Just wish I knew that when I was picking the colour of my kitchen bench....live and learn, I say, live and learn...

And to finish today...here's another card that is my style right now. Very different from the one above, but still, it's me.

Go on, look around your room and choose your favourites. It's fun, and if nothing else, you'll get to enjoy them all over again!

Thanks for sticking with me today...was just going to share a card in the beginning. That's how I work this here blog. Choose a project to share and see where it takes me - it's usually as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. Just going with my blogo style :o)

Okay, have a great day!

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