07 April 2010

New punches and a video

(Scallop hearts border is Martha)

Hi there,

How are you today?

I'm making stuff (later), doing this (now) and probably ironing (later). Life - it's like spaghetti and it just gets mixed in together!

I thought I'd share a photo of my desk and how it looks sometimes. What a mess and I end up working in one little spot with no room to move...does that happen to you, too? I end up doing a big arm sweep to clear some space...lol.

On the topic of mess and organisation, you may like to check out Noell's latest Paperclipping episode on how to store your patterned paper and other bits. She's worth listening to, that girl.

As it turns out, my system is like Noell's. I've spent years organising and reorganising to find a system that works for me because the inspiration soon leaves if I can't find things easily.

The trick is to organise your papers (and all supplies actually) according to how you go looking for them (that's how Noell explains it and she nailed it). For me, that's by theme, type, manufacturer and colour - yeah, I know, a lot of categories.

Manufacturer: Any collections I buy that I want to keep together for a while.

Theme: Christmas

Type: Ledger and lined papers together and also Music papers together because I go looking for these all the time.

Colour: Well, by colour. That's cardstock and patterned paper.

The thing is - they don't always stay this way. For example, after I've used up most of the collection (ie. like Farm Fresh above) the left over bits get split up and put into the scrap colour files to get used up that way.

I also have a Vintage section and an All Colours section because some patterned papers have lots of colours on them. It sounds complicated, but it's not really. I know it works because I can find things easily.

Right, moving on to new punches! What do you think of these?

Donut Chain Edger Punch

Double Embossed Dotted Edger Punch

Open Scallop Edger Punch

They're from EK Success - hopefully they'll hit our shores soon!

Well, you have a great day now, talk soon, bye!


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