09 April 2010

I found these on my camera...

Hey there,

My, it be warm today...what's up with that? It's April, and April means cool, well, at least it should.

Remember this punch? The legendary McGill one?

Remember this Easter bunting?

I used the idea again to make a card for my little nephew. Found it on the camera and thought you might like to see.

He turned two, thus the two cupcakes and two balloons. And that's him the middle, of course. He's way cuter in real life.

Kept it pretty simple for him because let's face it, he's a boy and he's two and he could really skip the card, but I'm a card maker, so he gets a card. And I get a kiss! I love the kiss.

Don't you love little kids? I do. Always have.

Pull! Pull! His parents were calling when it was time to open the present. And pull he did to see the things inside. So fun watching him blow his candles out too. We always light them multiple times at family dos.

And this was on the camera too. I realise it's after Easter, but we crafters can never be too prepared, can we?

I did suggest using refillable eggs at Easter time and I did just that this year. Found these at Spotlight - 6 for $2 (bought two sets). I got 20% off too, so they were cheep! Ha ha.

Made one for everyone and filled them with choc eggs. Josiah is our newest nephew - he's just under three months old, so no chocs for him this year. He had to have an egg in the basket, so I put a note in there for him instead. I realise he can't read, but that's not the point.

Didn't make myself an egg, that was a bit silly. I nicked a few chocs while I was filling the eggs, so I didn't miss out. Jack (he's 8) hid the eggs and each family member had to find theirs. I hid his for him - twice, actually. Was fun.

(The bowl is just a plastic one and the strawy stuff was packaging in a parcel I got recently. Knew I'd use it sometime)

Well, you enjoy your weekend now, won't you?

Have a good one!


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