22 April 2010

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 20

Hi fellow crafters,

I'm on page 20 for the Look in the Book today. It's the Cute Critters page. Today I'm just looking at bears because they're cute and they deserve a post of their own.

I'll get back to the other critters soon, but for today, it's the bears. Have any of you out there made bears?

I've made these types.

The paper types.

They're just circles - so easy. Reason 978 to have circles in your punch stash - so you can make bears.

I used pink in the inner ears, but you can also use brown. Looks nice.

My mum's made these types of bears.

The furry types that require thread and sewing and thread/sewing know-how. My mum has a lot of that.

Bears were probably stepping stone number 26 in her creative endeavours.

Mum's always said one craft leads to another. Very true.

And the skills you learn in one craft can be applied to another. Also true.

And the skills you learn in one craft give you the confidence and the ability to move onto another craft. Also true.

My mother speaks a lot of truth, it's true.

My sister and I used to wear that brooch when we were little.

Kinda looks 70's, doesn't it?

My favourite - Mr and Mrs Gustafus.

Or, Mr and Mrs Clark.


So cute.

You don't need fine motor skills for a project like this, you need micro ones!

And he's jointed, ie. his legs move.

You're amazing, Mum.

I'd be flat out like a lizard drinking if I made all those bears too!

Have a great day out there all you creative girls!


  1. They are very cute. You could have made matching ones out of paper! You are both extremely clever.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Oh yes, that'd be funny.
    Thanks for your lovely comment, hope you're doing well!


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