23 April 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 20 (part 2)

Hello and Happy Friday to you,

More Cute Critters from page 20 of Punch Art Fun for everyone today.

There are lots of critters on that there page.

Heads, heads with bodies attached (good!) and a couple of butterflies.

I really am all about options and showing how you can use different punches to make the same thing. Plus, over time, new punches come out and the options get better.

For example, this bunny has half hearts (hearts cut in half) for the ears.

They're very pointy, to say the least.

This bunny has Sakura-As for the ears.

They're the ones that kinda look like fish. I use them for strawberries too.

Don't think it's available over here anymore. It happens.

This bunny has hearts cut in half too.

I like having the rounded bit at the top. You?

I've also used tear drops as ears (the legs of the bear from yesterday). They work well, but the punch I had was temperamental, so I flicked it in the end (into the back of the drawer, not the bin).

As is true in life, and in craft, sometimes you have to let things go of old things for new things to come.

Say hello to a new punch idea for ears...the fish symbol.

I've not had a chance to make a bunny using it, but I really want to. Perfect, don't you think?

Thank you, Mr Sullivan.

Other cute critters following...let's see what we have.

Cute doggie with half hearts for ears, arms and legs.

Got hearts?

Cute kitty (love his pose) with very interesting ears again.

Very pointy.

Very spikey.

Stars are better for cat ears. Card with example following soon or check out page 20 in the book - stars are used for the cats there.

Cute froggie with big eyes.

Circles and half hearts for legs.

Again, got hearts? Most of you do, I'll bet. Isn't nice when you see an idea and you already have the stuff to make it? Love that.

The face is repunched. That is, punched twice.

Repunching is explained on page 3 of Punch Art Fun for everyone, but to explain quickly it's simply punching the shape once (a circle in this case) and then putting the punch piece back into the punch and snipping a bit off (I snipped a crescent off to leave the football shape).

What else do we have here?

Oh, another cute, and fat, bear.

When you make bears you can make them fat or thin. To make thinner bears, don't push the head down as far, or the arms/legs in as far.

He really is cute, but he looks like he's got hands only, and no arms. Poor fella.

I will attempt to elongate you the next time I make you, okay, mate?

That's all for today - thanks for stopping by to visit! I really appreciate it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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