21 April 2010

The dollhouse

Hello again,

Here's the extra photos of my most fab dollhouse.

So fun to look at from the what-were-the-adults-around-that-time-thinking-of-with-curtain/sofa-patterns-like-that? Golly. Hurts the eyes.

Here I am at 8.

Actually not quite, I was born late at night, so I was still 7 and ninety-nine hundredths. This was probably taken before my birthday dinner - I look a little made up for early morning.

Get a load of the wallpaper, the fluffy carpet and lino, the macrame plant hangers, the bean bags and what is that orange thing hanging at the front? No idea.

And that pink toilet actually flushed - yes, it would squirt water at you. Loved that, it was so tech.

Here's my brother and I. Look how cute he is. A cute rascal. Five split heads (no stitches) before he was 8. Gave Mum heart palpitations often.

Moving onto the house - note the updated features from the first photo:
  • Yellow fridge complete with food and bottles. Thanks, Grandma (and Grandpa), how'd you know?
  • A hammock that seems awfully high off the ground for a Barbie.
  • A porch swing.
  • Do I see plants?

And my personal favourite, the lift. It's that pink box near my right elbow. So funny. There it is, there's the lift. I made my Barbies use it too.

Wish I had some more photos of all this!

I mentioned that Grandpa was into photography - he took these ones below. I love having them and it proves taking photos of not just us, but our surroundings, is a good thing.

In the photos above, my dollhouse was in the rumpus room. Later we all got our own rooms - oh, yeah.

Mum made the pink curtains and did the wallpapering. Either Mum or Grandma made that rug on my bed.

Surrounded by craftiness, we were.

Here's another shot Grandpa took when I was a few years older. Note the car - I still have that car, it's in the spare room cupboard. I have all this stuff somewhere. I still have the house too.

Other new additions:
  • Dining room furniture. That came with cutlery and crockery too - so small. I used blue-tac to keep it all on the table after our cat chased a mouse in there!
  • A spa bath. Nice touch.

Actually, I might've been coming to the end of my Barbie years - a lot of the stuff seems to have been packed away.

Here it is unpacked again many (20 or more) years later.

I spotted my Barbie boxes under the house and brought everything up to wash and see again. I washed all the clothes and hung them on an airer to dry. It was a blast from the past to see all those favourite things - I loved them as a kid, so much, and enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

The two brown things are a sink and a washing machine, I think. And that rocking chair rocked too.

Here's the car in my cupboard and that's Andrew's Soccer Croquet. I have no idea about that because I'm not Andrew and I'm not a boy. He got quite excited about it when he saw it, so I guess it's pretty cool to him.

Toys from way back when. Talk about memories.

And thanks for giving me some through your photos, Grandpa. Love you.

Okay, ladies, have a great day, won't you?

Got some treasures lying around that you'd like to revisit? I might go on a scout around to see if I can find my Barbie box. I've really no idea where it is.

Bye now!


  1. Wow! I remember a lot of that stuff too. I had the same wardrobe and dining room set, as well as the pink rocking chair. It played a lullaby as it rocked. My daughter (11 years old now) still plays with my old Barbie stuff, but the rocking chair has gone.
    Thanks for your blogs. I love reading them.

  2. Hey Karen,

    So funny to see it all again, hey? Yes! It did play a lullaby like you said. Wouldn't have remembered that. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated! Hope you're doing well, bye now,



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