13 April 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 18


Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday. Was at Photo Continental all day doing stuff for my class this weekend.

Good news though, those new EK Success border punches I linked you to last week are over there. A couple of them are now over here. Yeah.

Here are the edgers - at the EK site. My favourites are the Open Scallop and the Donut chain. Open Scallop is an edger, Donut chain is a paper ribbon punch (that's my lingo to explain how it works).

The paper ribbon ones don't punch out an edge on your paper, they cut a complete piece that breaks away from the edge of your paper that you use separately. I call it paper ribbon. I've seen some companies bring out paper ribbon before, but not in punch form.

It's a great idea. Maybe Martha started it with the deep edger Doily Lace trim (the handle below) and the others jumped on the band wagon. Maybe it was the other way round. Doesn't matter, it's just good.

So, what'd you think of the punches? Got any fast favourites?

Okay, moving on to Look in the Book day. We're on page 18, if you'd like to turn there.

It's the opposite page to the koalas and kangaroos from last time and features our native floral emblem, the Golden Wattle.

Andrew and I must be very Australian because we have a Golden Wattle in our yard. It's quite fabulous when it flowers - yellow is my favourite colour I've just remembered, so it's fitting.

What's not so fabulous is having your wheelie bin underneath the tree when the flowers drop.

Then less fabulous again is rain because then all you get is flower mush. Wait, rain = good. Flower mush = bad.

Summary = find new place for wheelie bin when tree is in flower. Or clean bin. Or leave it and deal with mush.

Here's my version of a wattle branch. Honestly, they're gorgeous in full bloom as most trees are. Gotta love that about trees.

Just for interest - Here's a link to a page of photos of some Australian flora, including the Bottlebrush we talked about last week too.

I like this page too - it has a really good photo of the wattle. And that really good photo pointed out that my punch art leaves are completely wrong for the wattle tree. Oh well, I'm an artist, not a botanist. I did check pics of things when I was making them, but don't know what happened there :o) The wattle is on our emblem too - nice one.

Okay, see you soon!

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