01 March 2010

More cutie baby cards


How are you on this wet and cool Monday? Well, cool now, not cool before. It was overcast, but not cool, that's for sure.

Some more baby cards coming your way today (and other days this week). I've done the table display at Photo Continental and it was baby themed, can you tell?

You'll recognise these cards.

The boy one was the one Mum and I made 30 of for my sister-in-law. Had to make a girl one for the table too.

We used this Baby embossing folder set from Sizzix. Very cute.

And the babies were from Punch Art Fun for everyone Book 2 page 31.

You'll find all the babies I've used here in my first and second books particularly - they're made from the bear punch and just circles mostly. Very easy)

All the babies above were a teddy to start with. Some stayed that way, some had their ears cut off to make the baby shape.

You may like to draw a pencil line where you're going to cut, because it can be hard to get a rounded head! Sometimes the babies can have cone heads...not a good look!

And some cute baby stamps.

The gorgeous banner one is actually from a small set from Basic Grey - it doesn't really have a name either. It was only a few dollars - I found it over at Photo Continental and knew it was a keeper.

The banner came with a dummy, the welcome little one greetings and a bib. I've found it here - run your mouse over the big set on the left and the little ones will increase in size on the right. The baby set is in the middle there. Love the banner!

And ooh, don't you love it when you just happen upon something very cool?

Get a load of that postmark on the envelope...being the envelope-maker that I am at the moment, I wanted a postmark stamp to add to the fun of it all. And guess what? I found a cool set at Photo Continental with my name on it! Oh, nice!

Have a look here - it's a Melissa Frances set called Post-It. Just scroll down and you'll see it. Lots of fun designs to stamp on future envelopes, hey?

As soon as I saw the postmark I knew it'd be stamped in blue and pink to match the baby cards.

Oh, I love papercrafting!

Hope you enjoyed the cards. Sorry about some of the darkness in the shots...

Bye now!

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