02 March 2010

Baby, baby!


We interrupt our regular programming to bring you more baby cards today!

Wait, our regular programming is baby cards...for the moment anyway :o)

I've done something a little different this time used this die from Sizzix. It's called Card, Petal die.

It's actually a card - you write inside and fold it to make a flower. I used it as an envelope as you can see and put my little card inside.

Yep, had to work the old acetate to get it to fold like that - the bone scorer came in real handy there. Of course, the thread holds it together.

You could use this idea for any occasion or season. Christmas gift tags, Easter cards - whatever strikes your fancy. I just love the fact that it's see-through and you can see the cute baby.

This is what the Card, Petal die looks like when it's used with actual cardstock. You can see how this could be the card and envelope in one.

Would look nice in patterned paper...

When you run it through your machine, the score lines are scored for you too, which is good.

Here's where I used the die as the envelope.

Worked fab and you could put anything in there!

Sullivans also have a similar type punch, but it's actually an envelope, not a card.

Have a look at the Sizzix one - the layers meet. Now check the Sullivans one - the layers overlap. Yep, an envelope. Cute, huh?

The envelope is one of their big pink punches - you can see it here - it's the 5th from the bottom and kind of looks like a flower.

The good thing about it is that you can use it for a heart too like on the card below.

Hope you liked the cute babies!

Talk soon!


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