10 March 2010

Making time for craft

Hello to you today...hope you're doing well.

You know what?

I had a realisation the other day...

I realised I need to spend more time crafting.

Not for selfish reasons, but for selfish reasons!

Not because I want to, but because I need to.

I was a bit of a cranky pants recently - too much to do, too little time - you know the drill. Washing, cleaning, ironing, work and regular life stuff - it never ends. The clock keeps ticking and the washing machine keeps spinning!

(Well, actually, my washing machine's not spinning at the moment and that's a problem! It's about 17 years old now, so it's been good, but I think it's about to go completely)

Anyway, I found myself doing a bit of craft at my desk recently and all the stress went away. I was enjoying myself and realised I was being re-fueled.

Of course, I know this.

I know craft is fun to me.

I know I love it.

I know I get itchy fingers and have to make something now.

But what I realised was:

I'd made craft an option in my life...which meant I'd made all the benefits options too.

How dumb is that?

Craft isn't first in my life, but it shouldn't be put last either.

Know what I mean?

We have to be intentional about everything in our lives nowadays in order to get some good stuff in there somewhere. And that, for me, includes craft.

I decided then and there at my desk that day, that I was going to give craft more of a priority in my life - not because of the paper and glue, but because of what it does for me.

It makes me happy.

It brings me joy.

It relaxes me.

And I want those things in my life! What about you?

And if craft is one way I can intentionally reduce stress, shouldn't I go for it? Shouldn't we??

And if I'm (we're) happy and relaxed then maybe I (we) can go and do the grocery shopping without being a cranky pants...

I'm not saying you're a cranky pants or anything, but are you with me?


Let's make time for it, girls.

We need to.

I, for one, am telling you you're allowed...

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