11 March 2010

A couple of things...

Hey there,

Just a couple of things I want to check-in with today.

Firstly, all the bits on yesterday's and today's card are from October Afternoon. I had them on my desk all mixed together, so they went on my cards mixed together!

(The blue and red dotted paper is My Mind's Eye and the teal ledger paper on yesterday's card is from somebody else!)

The two cards I showed you are the type of thing I do when I sit down to just play. I pull out stuff I love, not stuff I have to use up, and just have fun with it. Who wants to "do chores" when they're supposed to be having fun? Not me.

You can't really see it on the card (below) but there's a acetate scallop border stapled to the bottom. I've had that piece in my stash for years because I knew I'd use it one day.

Do you do that? Keep stuff for years?

I'm not interested in trends, I just use what I like. And if the piece of paper I like is 10 years old, I'm gonna use it. Same goes for new stuff too, if it's trendy, I'll use it, but only because I like it, not because it's trendy.

That being said, I like to know what the trends are. Did you know that grey and yellow are "in"? They're a trendy colour combo, but not on my desk. Grey and yellow does nothing for me...give me colour anyday.

Hello, colour!

Secondly, about yesterday and the "I have to craft more because I need to" thing.

I re-read that post and just wanted to clarify something. I obviously craft for a living, which means I get to do a lot of craft, so why would I talk about making more time for it?

It's the thing that brings me joy and makes me happy. It just so happens it's the thing I do for a living too. Sometimes there's a line between them, and I don't want to craft for fun because I've been doing it all week, but if that happens (and it does) I just choose to do something else.

Here's my list of fun things I choose to do:
  • Papercrafting
  • Organising (this is fun for me if I'm in the mood)
  • Crochet (if it's winter)
  • Scrabble (if Andrew's willing)
  • Reading
  • Dog time
  • Out of the house time - love taking the dog to the beach with Andrew
  • And if there's a family event - I'm all over that too. And there's one this weekend. Rock on.
What's your list?

Betcha it's changed over the years like mine has. Betcha it's stayed the same over the years like mine has too.

My major summarising point?

I'm encouraging you to intentionally add joy to your life. Put it on your plate and if it gets flicked off, put it back there again.

That's it.

That's what I'm sayin', okay?


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