25 March 2010

Joy book

A big hello to you today!

Thought I'd share something a little bit different today and it's a...


Not a mini-album because there's no photos. It's just a book. A Joy book.

I started this a couple of years ago just to record the fun bits of life because it's good to remember those, right?

Above is the front cover. It's grey chipboard (about 8 x 8) covered with patterned paper on the front and back. White card is on the inside covers.

As you can see the book is all over the place.

I tell ya, you've gotta do one of these books in your crafting career. Just pull out all your favourite papers and go to town making pages, pages and pages. And make them all sizes and types, it's more fun.

You can fold a favourite pattern in half - that's a page.

You can put one pattern on one side and another pattern on another side - that's a page.

You can mix 'em up and put bits and pieces all over if you like - that's a page!

Get me?

You just make pages out of any paper you like and make them any size. That's it. That's all there is to it. Excepting the punching of the holes and the sticking them in the book part of course.

Oh yeah, and make sure you luurve the papers you use. No use making a Joy book and not liking the papers. No joy in that!

Then once you've gone to town and come back again with the paper, you just start writing bits and pieces in there about anything you want.

Above you can read how I enjoyed the beautiful sky on 9 July 08. Now, I'm not sure if it's the same sky I'm remembering, but I can picture that bright blue sky with orange clouds. I remember the impression it made on me at the time, but I wouldn't be remembering it now if I hadn't written it down then.

I don't know, are you into remembering and writing and all that? I kinda find people are into it, or they're not.

Another thing I didn't realise until I saw the page above? I've had my Cuttlebug for two years this July. Didn't think it was that long. Remembering that piece of information isn't vital to my emotional well being, but it's fun just to know. All remembering doesn't have to be deep now does it?

Oh, and this is fun. A reindeer sticking out of a pocket. I just stuck him in there because he made me smile.

And that apple paper is one of my all time favourites. Love the whole and half apples, the graphicness of it, the blues and greens and the crispness of it too, I guess. Just like it!

Just a tip/note/suggestion/idea: "Pages" can be pockets, envelopes and tags too.

They can also be circular, punched up the side, made from acetate (oooh, cool), big, small, fat, thin, tabbed, not tabbed...etc etc. You know, whatever floats your boat, takes you for a sail and brings you back again.

Just go for it!

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the mess that will accumulate on your desk while doing this project.


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