26 March 2010

I love close up shots...

...do you?

I've been getting down with the camera recently to get some close up shots, just for fun.

It's all about the details, see? Details are my thing.

Sometimes I don't like that they're my thing because I see droplets on windows, faint splotches on the walls, scratches on the car...you know, things that don't really matter, but they're still there and I still see them.

I don't mind these details, however.

Look at 'em. You can even see the grain in the patterned paper.

Don't you just love digital cameras sometimes?

Oooh, look at this one...

That's Rock Candy Distress Stickles on there. It's glassy and clear and looks particularly good on vintage paper.

In fact, it looks fab on vintage paper.

Any vintage paper. Get it. Put Rock Candy on. Fab.

I do not know this for absolute sure because I do not own every piece of vintage paper in the world, but I do know that Rock Candy looked good on the one piece of vintage paper I used, so based on that extensive use of the product, I'm saying it'd look good on any vintage paper.

I stand by my original claim...

Any vintage paper. Get it. Put Rock Candy on. Fab.

"Oh, that stupid rooster..."

Pity we can't read the rest of the story. Poor rooster, by the sounds of it he's not going to rule the roost for much longer.

Details, details, it's all in the details.

Hey, if you feel like it, the next time you have your camera out, get in close when taking your shots and see what cool photos you get. Put your camera on Macro, hold that sucker still and shoot away.

And since we're talking details, here's one for ya...

I got up before to check the name of the Rock Candy Stickles. It's Rock Candy Stickles alright, but it's Distress Stickles, not Distressed Stickles, which I've been calling it forever! Good old detailed eye noticed that one and thought, "Aye! See? Details!"

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