24 March 2010

Hippity Hop!

Hello there!

How are you today?

It's only a week and a bit until Easter, isn't that amazing?

Thought I'd share this cute bunny with you today.

I made the ears out of hearts by cutting them in half in two sizes (rounding them off neatly) and then gluing them together. I used an oval for the egg. Of course you can use an egg punch, but an oval works well too.

If I'm being perfectly honest, it looks like Mr Rabbit is about to enter the arena for his turn at the shot put event...

(Maybe if I had used an egg it wouldn't look like a shot put, but that's beside the point)

Let's not be perfectly honest, though, let's be artistic. That means I'm asking you to see the shot put as an egg, and not a shot put. Okay?

Thank you.

Oh, and moving on to the glitter!

Am I alone in the glitter department? Do you like it like me?

Love these close up shots too actually. I just put the camera on macro and get up nice and close. It's amazing what you see. Sometimes it's not-so-amazing...drops of glue stand out like a sore thumb at that range :o)

Look at the nose and all those little individual bits of glitter. Like it. Like seeing them.

The glitter by the way is Distressed Stickles and the colour is Worn Lipstick. Sorry to the girls in class on Saturday - I told you it was Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy is regular Stickles, so it's glittery. The Distressed Stickles is glassy. Either would be nice, for sure.

The paper is Doodlebug glitter paper and it comes in quite a few different colours. Nice and fun for Easter cards.

I punched a cream scallop, scored it at about 2cm and glued the flap to the front blue bit to make a complete card. These are still cards, just smaller. Good for when all you want to say is Happy Easter inside.

Okay, bye now. See you tomorrow!

PS. I have about 15 sets of alphabet stamps for sale. Some are Hero Arts, the rest are other brands. A Rebecca Sower one and PSX. They're $12, $10 and $8 (depending on size) plus the postage to get them to you. If you're interested just send me an email at and.deb@bigpond.com and I'll email images of them to you so you can have a look. Okay, thanks!

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