29 March 2010


Erin predicted it two years ago.

I hoped for it two years ago.

It's finally happened.

Yep, a banner revolution.

It took awhile, but they've finally taken off and I'm loving it.

I've had these in my room for a couple of years now.
I had my own bunting revolution back then.
I made bunting galore that I use for decoration around the place.
(Aren't those wires hanging down there horrid? You'll be pleased to know they're not there any more. I know I am)
Here we are. Decoration like this.

These are Christmas ones obviously, but picture the first pattern from my room, a pretty blue tablecloth on the table and some flowers in the middle. A springtime lunch! We did that for Father's Day one year. Nice.

They're easy to put up near the dining table too. I just string them over the wall lights. Very easy.

Okay, bunting in the house and now bunting on the cards.

Oh, so fab.

I just love it when something is fab. And this is fab.

Not fab because it's my card, but fab because it's just fab.

Gotta have the close ups!

And guess what?

That McGill ice cream punch makes the bunting. It's perfect for it.
As I said to some lovely ladies the other day - the ice cream punch was a keeper before, but because of the bunting opportunities, it's now legendary. Love it.

Whoa, lots going on here!

Here's double bunting - more of the home-spun type.

I used deco scissors to cut around the triangle to look like it was on material.

The stars were added last. They finished it off well - they needed to be there for this one.

That little ice cream punch is an EK Success one I've had for years. Such a cute one. I pull it out a lot.

If you haven't made yourself some bunting, make sure you give it a go. You'll love it. I'm hoping so!

Have a great day, won't you?


Oh, and PS: Guess who received the birthday card? My dad. Yep, my dad. Who says a man card has to be brown and blue? He liked it!

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