23 March 2010

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 16

Some things are good from the start, and some things get better with age.

This chickie is both.

Good from the start:

1. Legs - boomerangs make great legs. If you can't find a boomerang, I'd try this (a Dragonfly - trimmed) or this (Funky Spiral - trimmed again).

2. Head and body - 3/4" Circle and 1" Circle. Great sizes. Fab from the beginning.

3. Wings - leaves make great wings.

4. Colour - the yellow is fun. It's Bazzill Beeswax and the orange is Yam.

Improved with age:

1. The head feather - it started as a snowflake, but the fern is a bit better. It's a bit smaller and more demure. Chicks don't need to be demure, but their head feathers do.

2. The beak - the tear drop was a little long (good for roosters though). The trimmed heart is so much better. And cuter.

3. Just a note - in the photo above the colours aren't Beeswax and Yam - they're slightly different to match the brighter card I made. B and Y are my go to colours though.

And hey, it's Easter soon, so make a chick, won't you?

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