12 March 2010

Baby gifts and other bits

Hello there!

Friday, Friday, Friday, hello, Friday!

I have the last of the baby bits and pieces to show you today.

Here they are all set up on the table at home...

They're on display at Photo Continental now, but I set them up at home first before I go over to the shop.
Helps me to see what I've made and if it's going to work. Saves a lot of time in the end.
Here's the centrepiece.

I stressed over this one. Couldn't get those roses right - they're roses, yes. Didn't know what to put them in - used a dessert bowl in the end (Who has that much dessert? They're huge bowls!). Unfortunately, the roses look a little worse for wear - they must've got squashed somehow. A little fluffing wouldn't have gone astray, hey?

You make the roses by folding the washer in half and then rolling with the folded side as the stem and the edges as the petals. You just roll it up and slant it a tiny bit so it doesn't look like a jam roll. Secure it with a rubber band, tie with string or ribbon and remove the rubber band. Easier, trust me!

Made this box on the Scor-Pal. So easy.

The ribbon is attached to the lid so the recipient doesn't have to undo it to get into the box. Easier for the recipient and your box stays nice.

Hats are hard to wrap.

Put 'em in a box.

Socks are hard to wrap.

Attach something with a safety pin and call it good.

Cute little gift for the hospital visit maybe?

Could give some colourful socks to the mama too, she'd probably like that.

Ah, the double bunger.

A hat and socks.

Benefits of giving a little gift like this:
  • No wrapping necessary.
  • No box necessary.
  • No tissue paper necessary.
  • It's cute. And when you're doing baby stuff, you've gotta do cute, right?
  • You can make it in 5 mins.
  • Okay, 10. I'll give you some extra time. A margin if you will. You can use the margin to find your pesky paper piercer, the safety pin and or the right piece of ribbon.
Didn't like that green hat at first, but it's growing on me now.

I was going to say that every good gift needs a good card to go with it here, but our "less is more" hat-and-socks-combo-joined-together-with-a-safety-pin gift belies that statement.

Instead I will say, here's a nice card you can make.

The paper's October Afternoon, of course. I've really got to pull out some different stuff for you!

A simple card. Just paper and foam tape. And some cute ducks. Perfect for baby cards.

I finished the duck beaks and feet with a clear Glaze pen. You can see the shine from the pen in the last photo. Basically it's Dimensional Magic in a pen. It's clear and makes the bit you colour look slick and wet.

Click here for a video on the Glaze pens. They come in other colours too.

Well, have a wonderful weekend!


Oh, PS. You may have noticed a few rogue non-baby cards on the table above? The tea time ones in the bottom right corner. They're a stamp set from the Basic Grey Nook and Pantry collection. I showed you the cards a little while ago? Did I? I'll check that!


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