23 February 2010

More cutie patootie...

Hey there,

Thought I'd share some more cutie cards with you today - and at a reasonable time too!

When making baby cards, it's really appropriate, or easy, or just best (I think) to keep things simple.

Oh, cute (wonder how many times I'll say cute this post).

It's amazing what you can do with a bear punch...

Yep, this little girlie was a bear originally. Just chop the ears off (it's hard the first time, but then you move on) the bear and you've got a girl, or a boy.

So cuuuute.

And if you punch the bear in orange and chop again, you've got a gingerbread man.

And in keeping with things staying simple, I resisted the urge to do anything else to the little cards (they're only little). The only other thing I'd add would be faux stitching with a tracing tool around the edge.

Hey, cuties.

Love making these little babies because they've got so much personality. And whoever said that circles are boring, is wrong, wrong, wrong. Circles are the star here with hearts and flowers to help them out.

Simple shapes = great stuff.

This technique is called box trimming. You make your bits, glue them overlapping the edge of the square and then trim the excess. So easy and fun to do - and you can do it with anything...animals, flowers, fish...whatever.


Once again, circles and hearts. Gotta love 'em.

Gotta chop 'em too!

Note the use of the corner chomper in the corners again (which is where you would use a corner chomper, Debra!).

Sorry, can't comment on this one...

I'm on the floor and someone needs to come and wipe me up with a spatula.

Can you tell I love punches?

And on that theme...

Here are some videos of Martha Stewart's booth at CHA - there's three.

This one's about punches.

This one's about tools.

This one's about her glitter.

And EK Success.

This one's about their new borders - 78 new ones! Far out.

This one's about their new corner punches that can be used in three ways.

I'm here with a spatula if you need me!

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