22 February 2010

Cup of tea

Hey there blogging friends,

Wow, I'm late tonight, aren't I? Usually post way before this.

I've just done a toad run (gotta check there's none outside - they're poisonous to dogs) and before that I watched My Kitchen Rules. I couldn't imagine eating dessert at midnight either. And I love Queenslanders! The people, and the houses, that is. Did you see that verandah? Oh, fab.

And it's Monday night. Monday night is supposed to be craft night. I'm obviously not crafting, am I?

Not going so well with the crafting on Monday nights so far. Oh, well. At least I'm talking about it - it's a start. :o)

Do you have a crafting routine? I'd be interested to know. As with most things these days, I imagine most people would have to be quite intentional about it.

Thought I'd show these stamped cards using this set of stamps from Basic Grey. It's from their Nook and Pantry collection.

I'm not a stamper, but I've been stamping a bit lately. I tend to add it to what I already do (add a greeting or a background), but these cards are completely stamped and stamped only. Wow, another milestone.

I'm not completely sure what the blue ink is? It's more of a greeny blue, rather than a blue blue. I know the reds, pinks and purples are from this set from Colorbox called Tulip Field. Scroll down and you'll see it.

You'll see all the others too, what a great site.

Buying your inks in sets like the Colorbox ones is good I've found because the colours work nicely together and store easily too.

And to finish each card I did two things.

One: I put glue in the cups and sprinkled some glitter on. You could use Stickles as an alternative.

Two: I used my favourite purple Corner Chomper from We R Memory Keepers to chomp the corners. They're still rounded, but they're just that little bit different. Really like that corner. And of course the chomper lets you do it on all four sides.

Three: (I'm adding this third one) I smiled and left them on my desk for a while so I could look at them. Who knew that pinks, purples, reds and a blue would look good together? Not me.

And a couple of links you might enjoy - new stuff, of course!

New Cuttlebug stuff - this will take you to a video.

The Cuttlebug range now includes 13" plates, some new Cut and emboss folders, Emboss plus (not sure if I'm getting all the names right) and some quilling borders. Make sure you stick around to see those, I'm not into quilling, but you could so put those flowers on a card, or on a box. Nice.

Did I also mention the new Cuttlebug folders? Can't remember. There's a dominoes one, clock one and a letter one. And more too.

New Sizzix stuff - video too.

It's all about die-cutting. Tim Holtz is coming out with a new die cutting machine (button operated) and some new steel rule dies to match.

If you could make up your own dies, what designs would you come up with?
Edited to add: I just found this. Tim Holtz has designed some embossing folders too. Once again, if you could come up with your own embossing folder designs, what would you do?

And here's another book binding tool from We R Memory Keepers. It's called the Cinch and makes making books a cinch. I love that you can pull the buttons in and out to punch/not punch the holes. Good idea.

And you've got to look at this - so cute. The Scor-Pal people are bringing out a Scor-Buddy. Great for card makers!

Lastly for today, Provo has brought out a Cricut Cake. It's a die cutting machine made purely for the kitchen, so you can cut fondant - you know, the stuff that you put on your cakes? What will they think of next?

It's now 11:14pm (I've had a few distractions since I started writing this). It's still Monday night and I'm going to do some crafting!

Bye now!

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