24 February 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 7/8 additions too

Well, howdy everyone!

We haven't looked in the book in a while, have we? You must've thought I'd forgotten...

(I had a little, but ebb and flow, ebb and flow)

So, where were we?

Ah, the big bee in a boat (Jan 20ish). An unseen sight, for sure. Unless you're looking in Punch Art Fun, of course.

You don't necessarily need to have your book open today because I'm posting some extra, never-before-seen (sounds like a television commercial) cards that you've, well...never seen before.

Remember these?

You've seen these four before...

You've seen that one above a few times! It's a goodie and I like the blog to be colourful - that's my justification for using it multiple times...

Yep, you've seen this.


Check out the goggles.

And this.

You've seen this.

Bears swimming underwater like they can hold their breath for hours. They've been holding their breath for 9 years now, so they're doing well.

And this.

You've seen this.

What you haven't seen is some scuba diving gear on them.

I haven't seen that either. I don't think any of us will. Only in our mind's eye will we see that.

(Poor girlie in pink. I think she's sunk to the bottom. It's okay, darling, you're only made of paper, so you don't need air, okay?)

Right, below are the cards you haven't seen.

Let's scroll down, shall we?

What a way to spend an afternoon.

Lucky duck.

Watch out for drop bears! Oh, don't worry. They only come out at night...

Hello, flowers!

I think I pulled out every flower punch known to man at the time and went to town.

And don't ask me how I made the garden fork. I'm not being mean, I just can't remember!

Can't tell you how I made the hat either. Once again, no mean-ness, it's no memory.

So fun. Not the no memory, but the cards.

Looking at these makes me want to sit down and make something. Maybe not the actual card above (whoa, would take too much time to do that at the moment), but, you know, make something. Something fun.

Love all the food on this one.

Some of the food is shown from the side, some from the top. Hey, you do it how you can. I am, on this card, taking "artistic liberties", which means "you get my drift" and my drift is...there's food on that there blanket.

The other thing I love is the frog peeking out from the rock. Hey, froggie. Be careful, there's a big lizard coming up behind you.

(Have you seen Miss Potter? Gorgeous movie. She talks to her characters too)

And here we are in the forest, or at the park, or at the park on the edge of the forest.

After bringing every sports ball to the park, the Bears decided to play footy. And the tiny, weeny baby bear is looking on waiting for the day when he too can join in the family game.

So, what'd you think?

(and I'm talking about the cards, not my commentary, okay? I know my commentary is silly)

I made the four beach cards (years ago) and decided I wanted to make four land cards to go with them (land cards? Doesn't sound like a good name, now does it? Land cards. What else you I call them? Grass cards? Park cards? Sounds like a car park. Okay, land cards it is for want...much want...of a better word)

So, I made these four cards featuring green...(don't like the land cards name, so I'm refusing to use it).

Enough of names, let's talk punches!

I'd like to draw your attention to the level of the grass. Note how it starts at about a quarter of the height, then half, then three-quarters, then full?

Similar to the beach and the water, see? Halfish, quarter, three-quarters, full.

The height of the grass (or water) was the foundation on which I built the cards - and it helped decide the theme for each card.

Which do you like the best?

My favourites are the beach one with the girlie under the umbrella, the garden and the picnic ones. So cute!

And you know what? I don't know if I could even make these cards now...make them, yes (could I? Glory be, not sure if my fine motor skills are up to it).

What I'm trying to say is...I don't know if I could come up with these now...not sure. Things change, I've changed - it's okay.

I can love them though and I love them a lot.

I remember making them and the fun I had and how many times I smiled and how just so fun it was. I said fun twice, but it was.

That's why I called the book Punch Art Fun.

Fun it was, and fun it still is!

If they were so fun, why aren't they in the book you say? There just wasn't room. I decided to leave them out because I had the four beach cards. I don't regret the decision, but I'd put them in if I was making that decision now. They were so much work, they deserve to be in the book. Oh, well. Glad you're getting to see them now.

Have a great day!

Debra :o)

PS. I just found two spelling mistakes - I had site instead of sight. And googles instead of goggles. It's a computer world!


  1. Those cards are hilarious Deb. It was an era wasn't it.


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