16 February 2010

Kits and bits...

Hey, how are you on this not-so-fine-but-I'm-glad-about-it Tuesday?

Yep, it's raining. And it stormed last night. And it stormed earlier today, which makes it significantly cooler right now.

Still stuffy, still muggy, but cooler. Phew.

So while I've been watching this...

(we've had so little over it over the last 6/7 years I find myself at the window watching it come down. Nothing like the rain and a good old storm)

...he's been doing this.

He doesn't normally come in during the day, but rainy days are an exception. Might have to take him for a walk in the rain later...needs to have some playtime somehow!

Edited to add: We took him for a walk in the rain like I said. He loved sliding around in the mud and even went for a swim in the pond with the ducks! I had my hand on my throat there for a bit, but we won't talk about that...

Here's a cute card for you.

I made this years ago with my sister-in-law under the tarp while we were camping. I know, punch art and camping and "can't you leave it at home, Debra" but we were in the middle of a paddock for four days and we needed something to do.

Yes, literally in the middle of a paddock which meant no toilet (we dug our own and put a tarp around it) and no shower.

Like, no shower.

There wasn't a shower.

We did not shower for four days.

(I can hear the gasps!)

Anyway, we did craft under the tarp and challenged ourselves to make a card using two punches only - the duck and the candy. Why we chose those two, I'll never know. Not like you can do much with a duck really.

Great weather for ducks today, so I decided to share the card!

And on that note...remember how I said yesterday that Monday night's the night for crafting? Too hot last night, so I was gone. Next Monday night's the night!

Kits, kits, kits!!!

I've been thinking about this for a while now and I'm now offering kits of the classes that I'm teaching at Photo Continental.

Have you ever wanted to come to a class, but couldn't because of work or family commitments?

Have you called to book, but found the class was full?

Now what you can do is buy the kit!

All you need to do is email me (address on side bar) to book a kit, pay by bank transfer and I'll punch out the kit for you when I punch for the class.

I'll do another post to explain it a bit further, but for now, just know I offer kits!

I'm teaching my Fun and Simple class this weekend and it's full. If you'd like to purchase a kit of the class, just email me. I'll be punching on Thursday!

This is a good class to start with if you're new to punch art because the cards are simple and easy to put together. And there's at least 9 cards in the class - yes, 9! Because they are simple and easy I was able to include 9.

Did I tell you there was 9?

Email me if you'd like a kit!

And lastly for today - October Afternoon. Oh, I looove their stuff! I made the cards above from the Farm Fresh collection they released last year. So fun.

(PS. The cards are A5 - liking the big ones right now)

Here's a couple of links to see their newest things from CHA last month.

Video of their booth at CHA.

New Fly a Kite line. You'll see pics of papers better here.

New Thrift Shop line. Same here too - pics of paper here.

What do you think? On your must-have list?

They're doing a mid-release too, which is good to know (they did Farm Fresh and Report Card last year with Very Merry around Christmas).

The other thing I like about their stuff is that you can mix and match their lines. Niiice.


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