15 February 2010

Bits and pieces!


My, it be warm today! Phew!

Definitely in the middle of summer over here. A storm's predicted sometime in the next day or so, I think, so hopefully it'll come to cool us off. That'd be nice.

I've been re-organising the cupboard in my room again.

It's a revolving door cupboard. So much goes in and out of it all the time...I need to store so much stuff! Boxes, stationery, samples - lots of bits and pieces.

Had a good look at it and got rid of (ie. moved to another room) stuff I need to keep, but that I don't use. Be gone, I say! And it is. Thank goodness.

Took the photo above after I'd cleaned out most of the top shelf. You'll be happy to know that it's much more organised now. I'm sure that just made your day! ha ha.

While I had the camera out, I took a photo of these Sullivans punches on my desk.

Bought any of them?

They're very cool, work b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y and they're smooth, smooth, smooth to punch. Love 'em!

I bought the big daisy because it goes with the Carl ones I have. Hello? It's a given.

And I use the scallop rectangle as the address label on all the envelopes I make. It's a great size for writing an address and the post people are happy because they can actually read the address on the colourful, patterned envelopes I make. Nice.

I've showed you this scrapbook page before.

I put this page together last July I think it was. I did about 14 pages then and didn't journal on them at the time because we were all yapping and I couldn't concentrate on the writing and I had the intention of doing it later. Remember that?

Big mistake...

Well, I'm happy to report that I've officially written the journalling on all those pages. Yay! (Only took me 6 months to get around to it)

And the next time I scrap with company, you'll find me sitting at the table with cotton wool in my ears for the couple of mins it takes to do the journalling on each page because I'm not going to leave it again...

I've showed this photo before too. It's of my December Daily (Christmas) book.

I've not touched this project.

Actually, I have.

I've made the pile neater, that's all I've done.

I think I'll re-name it December Yearly...

In order to combat untied bows (you know, incomplete projects) I'm going to set aside a night a week to work on them.

Monday night's the night!

It's still warm. I started writing this about 20 mins ago, and it's still warm.

And there's no sign of rain. It's looking a bit sultry in the south, so there's still hope.

Oh yeah, Monday night might be the night for crafting, but it's gotta to be a certain temperature in here for comfortable crafting. If the paper sticks to my arms, I'm gone!

Okay, must go, time for lunch and to see if there's any shade to wash the dog in :o)


  1. Just finished off some Christmas cards on my desk finally and put away for next Christmas and now going to do my December daily before it gets to yearly too. Hope I finish it this arv. Good luck with yours.


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