17 February 2010

Class kits!

Hey there!

Sorry to keep using the same photos over again, but I don't like posts without pics.

I've put this one in (it's from my Christmas 2009 Class) for visual reference and a bit of colour!



Okay, the kits. I mentioned yesterday that I'm now offering kits for the classes I teach at Photo Continental.

This has come about because some ladies can't come to class for various reasons, but would still like to participate somehow.

Is that you?

Well, you no longer have to be "punch art-less" - how exciting! You can be "punch art-more", or "punch art-full", or just happy....let's go with happy. I'm not sure Mr Oxford would like me making up those weird words.


How do the kits work?

Glad you asked.

Here's how:

* You'll email me to book a kit of an upcoming class - "Debra, I would like to book a kit for your Easter Cards class on March 20."

* "Sure!" and I'll email you with my bank details.

* You'll pay by bank transfer into my account.

* You'll send me a quick email to say you've paid for the kit. Please include your full name and address details in this email.

* I'll record your booking in my diary and punch out for you when I punch out for the class (usually the week the class is on).

* I'll send the kit to you after I've taught the class. This'll give me time to add to the kit, or adjust it, depending on how it all went in class.

* I'll also send you an email with photos of the finished cards for you to refer to when you're putting your kit together (example of photo above).

Sound okay?


Other things to note:

- I'll need your booking for the class by the "week of" the class. The classes are held on Saturdays, so I'll need your booking by the Monday of that week. The class timetable is on the side bar of the blog, so just have a look there for dates etc.

- Sometimes I punch early in the week, sometimes I punch late. If you're not sure, just email and I'll include you in the class if I can, okay?

- I will not make up kits that haven't been paid for.

- If you receive your kit and have any questions about how to put it together, just email me and I'll be happy to help you.

- Your kit may, or may not, come with written instructions. I'll cross this bridge as I come to it as the level of instruction varies with the classes.

- Sometimes a class is cancelled, which is why I don't punch until the week of. If this happens for a class you've booked, I'll refund your money, or send you a kit of a future class. Your choice!

- At this stage I can't prepare one kit for a specific class - they need to be punched as a part of the larger class.

- I can do 3 or more kits of different classes, that's fine.

- If you'd like to buy multiple kits of the same class for you and your friends to put together, that I can do too. Gosh, I'd do that myself :o)

- If you're not sure, ask! It's fine, I won't bite.

- Your kit will contain the bits and pieces to make the cards etc for the class only. You will need to use your own consumables such as pens, glue, tape and glitter glue. Okay?


And lastly, the cost:

# The cost of the kit is $29, which includes postage.

# For that you will receive the bits to make (usually) 6 things - mostly cards, sometimes tags or a box or similar. If something is quite involved, there will be 5 things. My Fun and Simple class has at least 9 things!

# Just to clarify, yes, you're paying full price for the class. You're paying for the kit bits, but also for the time it takes to put it together including taking photos etc. Believe it or not, it takes more work to put a whole kit together than it does to punch it out for a class. You wouldn't think so, hey? It's simply because I usually have to do some extra steps, so you can put it together the same way we have in class. I can't assume you have that Cuttlebug folder, or that Martha punch etc, so I'm happy to do those things for you, but they take extra time. Make sense?


Okay - I think that's about it!

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

Hope to see you in "class" soon!

Debra :o)

PS. Due to the fact that this is a new service I'm offering, I would appreciate your understanding as I work through any issues. I always try to foresee how things will work, but it's not always possible to predict (and thwart) everything. I will do my utmost to help you and get a "piece of happy" into your hands, be sure of that!

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