19 February 2010

Cutie patootie...

It's Friday, freaky Friday? No, just Friday.

Have a bunch of cards to show you today - well, it's a bunch of the same one.

We have a new little nephew in the family and Mum and I broke out the craft stuff and made some thank you cards at my sister-in-law's request.

Mum arrived and three hours later we decided we should actually start doing something. You know what it's like when girlies get together - yakkity yakkity yak!

We made 30 cards in the end. Some were big (regular size) and some were small (10 x 10 fronts).

We couldn't decide on the card size and it was Mum who came up with the idea of the two sizes, so there was a choice. You know, a lengthy note, or a quick one. A good idea, I thought.

Ah, cute. Oh, so cute.

These were fun to make. Mum and I had a production line going - she embossed (Sizzix folder), I did the faces. She punched, I cut the card bases. Not in that order, but you get the picture.

We pumped them out in about 3 hours at the most and we pumped the music to get us going too!

Stamped inside as well.

This counts as my first official foray into stamping inside a card! Wow. A milestone.

Lucky I bought the blue ink the week before, hey? And I didn't even buy it for this. I just bought it because I needed a blue. It turned out to be just the right colour. Oh, nice one! Don't you love it when it all comes together?

And this is unfortunately not a good photo because I snapped it at my desk without much in the way of decent light - just wanted a record of the card I made for my brother and his family (and the new baby).

It's all October Afternoon - Ducks in a Row, Farm Fresh and probably some Report Card thrown in there too. I think that Happy label is from Cherry Hill! Anyway, you get my point about mixing and matching the lines, right?

Well, that's it for this week. See you next week!


PS. The duck card is A5. Big ones are good. This one was hand-delivered, so no postage to consider.

PPS. All the baby cards were chomped on all four corners with the Corner Chomper from We R Memory Keepers. That's the beauty of that tool, you can do all the corners, not just the individual ones. The rounded corners gave them the finishing touch. Mum and I both gave the nod to that one.

PPPS. I was going to round the two bottom corners of the duck card, but forgot. Rats.

PPPPS. The bill for the 30 cards was $1000, payable in dinners and family get-togethers over the next 50 years.

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