12 February 2010

The last of the Love cards...

...for you today.

These cards were made with the Heart Attack line from We R Memory Keepers. I liked the rabbit and wanted to make one of my own for one of the cards. Really liked the argyle pattern too.

I bought just three pieces of paper from the line, I think. Honey Bunny (rabbit on it), Crush (argyle) and Valentine (writing).

Do you do that? Just buy a couple of sheets from one line? Or do you buy the whole thing?

On this first set I cut the rabbit out of the paper and used it as the embellishment. The rest is a strip of writing cut from one sheet with the argyle in the background.

The argyle gives the card a bit more of a manly feel, which is necessary since the whole thing is red and pink. Okay, so it's not really manly, but Valentine's Day isn't really a manly holiday, is it? :o) Hmmm, no.

The squiggly border in the background is a border die from Sizzix. Two squiggles come on the border - smaller one here and bigger one on the last card below.

(Above I've linked you to the Decorative Strips page on the Sizzix site - I couldn't find the die I used on there. Maybe you will!)

Set number two with a smaller rabbit this time. He was cut from the 6 x 6 section on the back of the argyle sheet. The above link will show you what the papers look like if you haven't gone there already.

Ah, and the Marvy scallop and square combination is back in play. Welcome back, fellas. Oh, that's right, you never left. Well, thanks for sticking around. You've been great.

Okay, so that's my way of saying...just do what you like and like what you do! I like scallop squares at the moment, so I'm going with it.

The whole set called for a bit more punch, so I made the envelope in red for a bit of impact in the letterbox.

This one's my favourite because it's got punch art on it and because I love the argyle envelope.

Yep, cute. Like this one.

Hey, you know yesterday how I was talking about just being who you are and crafting to suit you rather than a kit or other people or whatever?

Well, I actually didn't talk about you crafting to suit others, but I will briefly now.

Of course you craft for yourself, don't you? You don't worry about what people think about your crafting, do you? You don't try to keep up with the Jones' because you feel the pressure to be great and perfect at it all, do you?

You don't worry about it at all? Oh, good, that's the way it should be.

Case and point.

I was a bit of a craft snob when I first started and would only use certain colours and never cheap cardstock or anything because it wasn't sophisticated, you know? Oh no, I wouldn't use sky blue, only navy for me, or some such rubbish. It really was quite ridiculous, but I remember being quite intentional about it at the time.

Anyway, over the next few years I discovered brighter colours and that I liked cute.

Cute chooks.

Cute cows.

Cute bears.

You know, cute.

Well, cute's not sophisticated, is it? I wanted to be sophisticated, because that was where it was at.

That's where I thought it was at. For me. But it wasn't. For me.

Years later, I had a revelation that I loved cute and that it was okay and I should embrace it. It made me smile, remember? That was the purpose of it from the beginning, remember?

Now I embrace the cute I like, the colours I like and love, love, love it.

Cute's not sophisticated, but who cares? Sophisticated is not me. Cute is. I love it and that's that.

Really, it's quite freeing...

Ah, cute.


Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!


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