01 December 2009

Tuesday's Trees

Tuesday's trees are very tree-y.

It's good if trees are tree-y.

Tree number one is:


(Big version of this is on page 39 of Punch Art Fun for Everyone 1 (blue). And this card is on page 38 with a different bear)

Tree number two is:

Blinged out to the max.

Maybe not to the max, but it's blinged out.

Is blinged out actual vernacular?

Is now.

(page 39 Punch Art Fun for Everyone 1 - blue)

Card number three is:

Very Australian.

Like me.

(page 37 Punch Art Fun for Everyone 1 for another version)

Card number four is:


That swirl is something you do once.

I've done my once, it's your turn.


See you tomorrow for more of the forest...

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