30 November 2009

It's all about the trees...

Hi, and welcome to a new week!

This week it's all about the trees.

Christmas cards that have trees on them.

That's what we're talking about.

That's the low down.

That's the story.

That's the go.

With me?

Oh, yes. This card you've seen. This card started the tree trend.

This one is dressed up and ready to par-tay! I'm not the partying type, but this card is. It's got a lot going on. Good for it.

Gotta love the Cuttlebug. Honestly, the embossing is the best thing since sliced bread.

And on that note...

If sliced bread is so good, so good that everyone compares everything to it, why do they sell unsliced bread in Woolworthes? What's with the unsliced bread? Do people really want unsliced bread?

I'll admit, I bought some and sliced it myself because it was the type we wanted and no one was around to slice it for me. So I'm there in the kitchen saying to myself, "I'm living in 2009 and I'm slicing bread. What's with that?"

Okay, forget the bread.

Got some tonight though and it was sliced.

Okay, forget the bread.

I can't forget the bread. I need it for this analogy!

Here's my question...do you think this card is unsliced?

I mean, all the ingredients are there, but is there something missing?

Slices! (bread terms)

Layers! (card terms)

What do you think?

Hey, maybe you like your bread unsliced. It's okay, you're allowed.

Here we have a nice loaf of bread all packaged and ready to go home.

It's pretty, it's simple and it's easily digestable.


Yet another loaf. A simpler recipe. Not as many nuts and seeds.

Sometimes we just like Vegemite on white bread with butter.


Ah, another piece of bread with Vegemite.

Only use a bit of Vegemite though, hey? Can't be getting the eye twinge - got too much on!

Well, I said this week was going to be all about the trees...

Not sure what happened with that.

Started out with trees, finished with trees, talked about bread and Vegemite in between.

That's craft for ya.

See you tomorrow.

I'll try to stay out of the pantry...


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