02 December 2009

More ante


Today is ante Wednesday.

I'm not against Wednesdays, I'm for Wednesdays. Wednesdays and I go way back. I was one day old on a Wednesday and that's as far back as I can go.

Okay, so here's some ante for you.

They're still trees. They're still punch art. Actually, they're not really punch arty, are they?

They're still trees, we'll go with that.

And they've been ante-d.

Oh, there's the punch art!

The circle, the star, the holly. And the buttons become circles too if you run out of buttons like I did.

I've taught this one in class. It's one of my favourites to teach for a few reasons.

Reason 1: I love telling the ladies to scrunch up the card like they're going to throw it in the bin and then watch them scrunch up their noses at me.

Like scrunch it?


Like I'm going to throw it in the bin?


They look at their neighbour, Miss Suzy "I'll try anything", who's happily scrunching away, raise their eyebrows and do two quick scrunches. It's funny to watch.

Reason 2: That red ribbon is a Qantas lanyard. If I was to rip it off there'd be a white Qantas on the back. I love seeing the raised eyebrows when they see the weird bit of ribbon in their stash.

It seems that women raise their eyebrows a lot.

Reason 3: The buttons are fun until you run out. Then they're not fun. But the punches kick in and everything is fun again.

Reason 4: It's red and green, my favourite Christmas combination.

This card's a departure too.

Not Patch, but Ivy.

Not Pomegranate, but Cajun or Haley.

Not bright, but country colours. Are they country colours?

More scrunching and tearing.

More raised eyebrows.

Now, the first two trees are in the same class. The third tree in that class is the Circle Tree from Monday's post - no scrunching there.

Eyebrows down.

Thank you.


The card above is in a later class and is the only scrunching one in that class, I think. Lucky for me.

I made 150 of this card last year, or the year before. I couldn't handle scrunching all of them, too monotonous and my fingers hurt. I think I alternated and did ten normal, ten scrunched etc.

Back with a tree project tomorrow!

Bye now,


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