04 December 2009

Random Trees

Hey there,

A few more random tree projects for you today.

These first little ones are tiny, tiny. They're tiny, okay? The card fronts are probably about 4cm square.

They're not really cards. I prefer to call them gift tags, tree decorations, things I made cause I wanted to and/or placecards with no names on them yet.

(The placecard option really does need a little more room for the actual names, but you knew that)

And unfortunately you can't really see that there is Crystal glitter around the edge on the embossing. I used a fine tip glue pen to put the glue on and then the glitter went on top. They look really pretty and sparkly and snowy in real life.

My mum (aka snow bunny) would love them...

I made a whole set of these.

I'll post them soon...

These two I posted during Scor-Pal week.

I'm posting them again to remind you that they're from My Mind's Eye Merry Days of Christmas collection and that the tree below came from a piece of paper from that line.

Just trying to work the visuals here.

So this tree (in this very yellow photo, sorry) came from the MDofC collection. They're rather big trees and so I used them as decorations on the craft tree I made.

I'm going to post about the craft tree soon.

It's a Christmas tree that I've made the decorations for. It's on display at Photo Continental at the moment actually.

(If you go to check it out and there's still a candy cane on the table, take it. I said you could, okay?)

It's also in the background of these (quite yellow) photos.

Oh, is that a butterfly?

Yes, yes, it is.

Ah, product placement. This was for my benefit, so you could see what I'm talking about.

That, ladies, is Distress Stickles in Mustard Seed. I used it on the baubles. Just a dot on each one.

Distress Stickles is glassy, rather than glittery. I like smearing it over things because it leaves flecks of the colour.

Will explain further (with a photo) at a later time.

That's a red button.

I threw it in there because I could.

Red's a great accent colour.

And because we're talking about trees, I thought I'd remind you of these that my niece Sarah did.

Note the different faces on the hearts.

Note the glitter face in the first one.

Note the little black dots around the reindeer.

Craft - it's all in the details.

This tree theme is going to be a wrap-around theme. More to show you next week!

Bye now, have a great weekend.


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