03 December 2009

Christmas Cards - Trees


It's Thursday already!

Not long until Christmas now...have you done your shopping?



Have you done your decorating?



But I've got this!

You could have this too.

It's officially called holiday decor, but I call it an accordian album with tags in it.

I bought my album, and you could too if you can find one.

Or you could make one.

You've seen these trees before.

Don't you love it how I tell you when you've seen stuff? Just making conversation and keeping the flow going...

Oh yes, the first one you've seen too. The second one, you're new. We haven't seen you.

Some of us have seen you on page 36 of Punch Art Fun for Everyone 1 (blue), but some of us haven't.

We like you. We've always liked you. We've made many of you actually. We've made many of you because you're well liked and people give up their money for you. We like that.

We haven't seen these two.

Hey, you two, you're different!

Mr I'm-Just-the-Basics-But-I-Look-Good and Miss I'm-Ready-for-a-Night-Out-Because-I've-Got-My-Ruffles-On...

Isn't that typical?

He can get ready in 5 mins and look spiffy.

She takes an hour and then has to sew a button on before she can walk out the door. No, darling, it wasn't the hair washing, drying and straightening, it was the button!

And here's the complete dinner party. Everyone dressed up to the nines with their Spotlight ribbons on to boot.

And here's the host of the party. She's wearing a simpler number because no one likes to cook in fancy clothes.

It's just a pity she can't join the party because she's stuck in the kitchen.


  1. Ah now that's a good idea Deb. I should do some of my spare card/tags like that. Next year though. Very pretty.

  2. Hey, thanks, Mum. Good place to put tags and whatnots that you make, but don't necessarily know what to do with. Yes?


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