22 December 2009

Christmas characters

Hello all,

I realise you're all pretty busy doing stuff for Christmas, but I thought I'd keep it going with the cards right up until Christmas, because if you're like me, you still like to have a look around the old blogos to see what's going on in the world.

These cards today are based on Christmas characters - reindeer, Santa and my own Christmas chick and duck. Who says you can't use a chick and a duck for Christmas cards? Not me...they're cute, so they're in.
Hey, Santa.

He's from the MME Merry Days of Christmas line and the embossing folder is the new Cuttlebug 5x7 Christmas Countdown. And that's the Threading Water punch by Fiskars at the top.

I simply cannot believe how popular border punches are now. A few years ago we all poo pooed them because they were so old school. I've done a complete 180 now though, and love 'em. Hello, favourite punches!

No more poo pooing here.

Were you a poo pooer too?

I said that we all poo pooed them, but I don't know that for sure now, do I? Of course not. Don't want to put you in the poo pooer column if you weren't one.
Interestingly enough, my other favourite punches are scallop circles, which I also poo pooed. Once again, 180, and they went straight to the pool room.

Okay, I think I've mentioned poo enough for tonight.

(It's Monday night at 11:41pm as I write this. I'm tired and I'm feeling a little weird. Can't be telling you where this post is going to go...but I'm warning ya, okay? Could be good...could be bad...)

Hey, Santa.

Tell me, Santa, how do you keep the weight on your stomach and off your legs?

Must be all that running around on Christmas Eve...look at those skinny pins!

You're a nice fella. You look like my punch art Santas. No wonder I like you so much.

I love your big red nose, cute smile...and your big beard.

These next two photos with the tags on them are from the one set of bunting.

The photo below actually shows the first three tags and the photo above shows the second two. I put the one above to go with the Santa above it. Confusing!

Couldn't get a decent photo of the whole bunting, so I had to shoot it in parts. By the way, I call bunting anything that hangs off twill or ribbon like this. You know, tags, triangles from fabric - all bunting.

Ah, cute reindeers.

They've made me smile 23 487 times over the last couple of years.

Good value those guys.

Oh, make that 23 488 times.

See the shiny nose?

"...had a very shiny nose..."

Here's the five tags in order...Rudolph (hello, red nose), Dasher, Dancer, Santa and Comet.

They're sewn onto twill with buttons in between.

Hey, Rudolph, you look like my punch art reindeer. No wonder I like you too. Kinda makes sense when you think about it.

It's becoming quite obvious that my penchant for cute is not just limited to punch art...

And here we are at the non-traditional section of the blog post.

Christmas cards with ducks and chickens on them? How weird...


I say, "How cute!"

Come on, how can you resist that face? Or beak.

Have you sent all your Christmas cards yet?



Other things to do for Christmas:
1. Wrap more gifts.
2. Make a few tags.
3. Make gingerbread biscuits.
4. Make food.
5. See more lights.
6. Anything else I've forgotten right now.



PS. I think I kept a lid on the weirdness...yes? No? Doesn't matter!

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